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Coffee Filters

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Coffee filters

Coffee filters are an essential tool for making the perfect cup of morning coffee. The type of coffee filter you need depends on your machine, but there are two basic types of coffee filters.

Basket filters for coffee machines

Most traditional coffee makers use basket filters. These coffee filters are shaped like small paper baskets. Just place the filter in the plastic filter container, add a few scoops of coffee grounds, pour water into the reservoir and turn on the machine. In just a few minutes, the water will have dripped through the coffee grounds and brewed a delicious pot of coffee. The basket filter prevents the grounds from dripping through into your coffee pot. Basket filters can come in different sizes, depending on the size of your coffee maker. Before buying basket filters, make sure you know how many cups your coffee maker can brew at one time.

Cone coffee filters

Cone filters perform the same basic task as basket filters, but they are designed for special types of coffee makers. Like the name indicates, the filters are shaped like triangles, but they look like cones when spread open. The cone shape is designed to give better protection from coffee ground spillage, which will keep your cup free of coffee grounds. The paper material is typically thicker to block particles from seeping through. Cone filters are newer on the market, but more and more coffee maker manufacturers are incorporating this type of filter into new designs.