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Cold Medicine

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Cold Medicine

Kiss the cough and sniffles goodbye with a dose of powerful cold medicine. While there is no cure for the common cold, there is a myriad of products available that help lessen the effects of this debilitating illness. Non-drowsy cold medicine options from brands including Tylenol and Mucinex do not limit your ability to function on the job, making them ideal for busy professionals and students. Kids cold medicine is also available in doses that are safe for your little ones.

Treating cold symptoms with medication

Colds manifest themselves in different ways, making it essential for you to find a medication that targets the symptoms you are experiencing. Vicks Dayquil and similar medications are adept at combating headaches, nasal congestion and coughs. If you need to help your child overcome a cold, Dimetapp is a powerful alternative. Formulated specifically for children, this medication comes in tasty flavors and delivers long-lasting relief.