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Gas Relief

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Gas Relief

When you are feeling bloated and gassy, gas relief products come to the rescue. Over-the-counter gas relief pills can bring you the instant relief you need. Suffering from gas pains is no longer a concern with fast-acting medications that come in multiple forms that appeal to all ages, including gas relief chewable tablets, softgels and drops.

Relief from painful and embarrassing gas

Anti-gas medicines, such as Gas-X and Beano, help to reduce the acids in your stomach. These stomach acids can cause gas bubbles, making you more susceptible to belching, flatulence and even heartburn. The medication works as a digestive aid, breaking down the gas bubbles in the gut. Aluminum and magnesium antacids work quickly to reduce stomach acids. For the fastest relief, liquid antacids or chewable tablets work best. Anti-gas medications do not reduce the production of stomach acids; they only work to help reduce the acids already located in your stomach. You are able to use these medications in conjunction with H2 blockers, such as a proton pump and cimetidine/ranitidine inhibitors.