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Mucinex Liquid

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Mucinex liquid

Whether it's you or your kids that need relief from symptoms of the cold or flu, look for a Mucinex liquid remedy to feel better quicker. Mucinex congestion remedies include a cold, flu and sore throat liquid, cold and sinus liquid and severe congestion and cough liquid for adults. Looking for relief for your kids? Try Mucinex for Kids expectorant, cough, cold and fever or cold liquid.

Treat your symptoms

To choose the most effective cold remedy, find the Mucinex liquid formulated to address your specific symptoms. Multi-symptom formulas can be both efficient and convenient when you're looking for quick relief. When selecting a liquid cold medicine for your kids, be sure to choose a flavor that will go down easily.

Alternate Mucinex remedies

Looking for a long-lasting cough and congestion medicine? There are Mucinex expectorant extended release formulas that promise relief for 12 hours at a time. Some chest expectorants treat both congestion and cough, while others include a nasal decongestant. Mucinex nasal decongestant spray can provide targeted treatment specifically for nasal congestion.