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Neti Pot

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Neti Pots

For instant relief from a dry, clogged or itchy nose, choose from a wide selection of traditional neti pots. Cleanse your nasal passages quickly and easily when traveling or at home with a durable plastic neti pot, which gently washes away pollen, dust and excess mucus. Featuring nasal cleansing pots from top manufacturers like SinuCleanse, Himalayan Institute, Ancient Secrets and Waterpik, you have a myriad of choices to feel your best again.

Neti pot salts

Sinus problems, allergies and frequent colds are no match for neti pots, which are a perfect natural solution to clear nasal passages and sinus pressure. If you are a frequent user and have run out of the neti pot salt that came with your neti pot, then you can find neti pot refill packs from a wide variety of leading manufacturers. Try them in multiple formulations that minimize stinging and burning while providing instant relief to your nasal passages.