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Oral B Toothbrushes

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Oral B toothbrushes

The results that you get from brushing your teeth matter. When you brush, you remove the plaque that would otherwise harden into tartar, a substance that cannot easily be removed with a toothbrush and leads to tooth decay and gingivitis if not treated by a dental hygienist or a dentist. The more plaque that you can remove on your own, the healthier your teeth and gums will be and the less scraping you'll need when you visit the dentist's office for a cleaning. Because brushing your teeth is so important to your oral health, you want to ensure that the toothbrush you use is engineered to be as effective as possible at cleaning the teeth and gums. Oral B toothbrushes are consistently recommended by dentists due to their sophisticated designs. Since Oral B unveiled the first nylon bristle toothbrush in 1950, the brand has remained on the cutting edge of dental science, consistently improving the design of the classic toothbrush to make brushing your teeth simpler and far more effective.

Toothbrush options for every mouth

Every mouth is different, and as a result, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to toothbrushes. Oral B understands the need for an individualized approach to oral hygiene, and as a result, offers a wide variety of toothbrush styles and designs. In their line of traditional manual brushes, Oral B features a wide selection of head shapes and bristle designs, making it possible for everyone to find a brush that simplifies oral care and produces the best possible results. For those who struggle to remove enough plaque through traditional brushing, power toothbrush are available in the Oral B collection. These battery-operated brushes produce rapid movements that can easily lift away plaque from the teeth and gum line. The power toothbrush options are designed to lead to better results with every brushing and over time are projected to improve oral health. Oral B produces manual and power toothbrushes for both adults and children and even makes special brushes for young children who are just beginning their daily oral care routines. Whatever the oral care needs of you and your family are, you're sure to find an Oral B toothbrush to meet them at Walgreens.