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Oral Glucose Tablets

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Oral glucose tablets

You can help raise your blood sugar when it becomes too low with oral glucose tablets. Keeping oral glucose on hand can help you get your energy back and your sugar up if unexpected drops occur. Oral glucose tablets also come in different flavors to make them more pleasant and easy to take. Choose your oral glucose tablets from our variety in the flavor or package size you prefer.

Keeping tabs on your sugar

Your options for taking oral glucose also include glucose spray which is absorbed in your mouth to give you energy and raise your glucose levels quickly. There are also oral glucose gels in different flavors. You'll also find a range of diabetic supplies to help keep your blood sugar balanced. Diabetic monitors and test strips can help you keep track of your levels daily, and we also carry diabetic lancets. For convenience, there are glucose monitoring kits that include everything you need in one package and travel cases to help you take it all with you.

Daily health and comfort

Eating a balanced diet is also important as part of diabetes management. Complex carbohydrates found in diabetic nutrition supplements such as snack bars, shakes and cereals can satisfy your hunger without raising your blood sugar very high. You can also help support your overall health with diabetes vitamins and health packs that offer nutrients your body needs. For daily comfort, try diabetic socks and foot creams to help with leg fatigue and circulation.