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Protein Shakes

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Protein shakes

While protein shakes may make you think of bodybuilders, they are beneficial to people from all walks of life. Available in a variety of formulations and flavors, protein shakes work well for people on diets or for anyone who has special nutritional needs. Protein shakes are known for giving a boost in energy and holding off hunger, protein drinks can help you lose weight by curbing your midday and nighttime cravings. Instead of stopping your day for a meal, you can simply shake up a protein drink and have one for lunch.

Protein shakes for muscle building

Many weightlifters drink protein shakes of various formulations before and after workouts. This practice became commonplace because people who do heavy weightlifting have a need for an above-average amount of protein. While you can use protein mixes to make your own drinks and shakes, you can also buy ready-to-drink cans of flavorful beverages packed with protein. These shakes typically come in flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Travel-sized protein shakes

If you can't carry around a tub of protein powder or cans of protein shakes, you can use single-serve protein packets to mix up drinks anywhere, any time. Each miniature packet contains enough powder to make one high-protein drink. If your diet doesn't allow you to consume dairy products, you can mix up protein drinks with soy protein powders. These powders are dairy free, and they sometimes lack other irritants like gluten.