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Pulse Oximeters







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Pulse oximeters

Non-invasive and compact, pulse oximeters measure your blood oxygen saturation level. They also display your heart rate. You can use a pulse oximeter to help manage certain conditions for your health or to care for a patient or loved one. Choose a fingertip pulse oximeter from Choicemmed, Mabis or MedQuip with a display that offers accurate, easy-to-read results.

Getting reliable readings

Since there's no finger-pricking involved, pulse oximeters are simple to use multiple times throughout the day. While most are used on your fingertip, there is also a wrist pulse oximeter that features internal memory for storing your readings. Many finger pulse oximeters have multi-directional displays that allow you to read the results from almost any angle.

Healthy living

In addition to oximeters, we carry a range of products to help you keep track of your health and well-being. If you have a pulmonary condition and are trying to stop smoking, you can find assistance here at If you use a pulse oximeter while exercising, there are other options to help you make the most of your workouts, such as fitness equipment, workout accessories and sports nutrition.