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Raised Toilet Seats for Elderly

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Raised toilet seats for elderly

Whether you have chronic knee pain, hip problems or are recovering from surgery, raised toilet seats for elderly persons can help. Although these raised toilet seats can make sitting down and getting up easier, they're not just for the elderly. They have a variety of features that can assist many people with mobility challenges. Choose from raised toilet seats for elderly and young people alike from brands such as Maddak, Nova and Drive Medical.

Seat features

For extra stability, choose a raised toilet seat for elderly persons that has locking mechanisms to hold it in place. The handles on some elevated toilet seats can make it easier to sit down or get up. Many toilet seats fit most standard toilets, and others are elongated. Choose between the type that's most practical and comfortable for you.

Options for bathroom safety

Here at, you'll also find other options to keep you safe, comfortable and steady in the bathroom. Different types of shower seats with non-slip feet are ideal for washing with a hand held shower head. You can also place bath mats in or outside of the tub. To get in and out of the tub more easily, consider various sizes and types of bathroom grab rails.