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Sugar Free Cold Medicine

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Sugar free cold medicine

When you have a cold, you don't have to add unnecessary sugar to your diet. Sugar free cold medicine that's safe for diabetics is made to give you the relief you need. Depending on your symptoms, choose a sugar free cough medicine or a sugar free decongestant to help you feel better. Some sugar free cold medicine from brands such as Diabetic Tussin and Rompe Pecho are also alcohol-free and won't make you drowsy.

Fast relief

You aren't limited to simply taking sugar free cold medicine. For fast relief, there are also sugar free cough drops in a variety of flavors. Some [sugar free cough suppressants can help reduce coughing while hydrating your dry mouth. Others contain oral anesthetics to lessen the pain caused by an irritating cough.

More sugarless solutions

You can keep added sugar out of the equation with sugar free candy such as sugar free hard candy, chocolates and cookies here at These, as well as diabetic nutrition supplements like shakes and snack bars, can help satisfy cravings without causing extreme sugar highs or lows. For help managing your diabetes as part of preventive health care, choose a glucose monitor to keep track of your sugar levels. You can also stay stocked with alcohol prep pads and lancets and diabetes test strips that work with your particular monitor.