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Proclear EP (Biomedics EP)
Proclear EP (Biomedics EP)

Proclear EP (Biomedics EP)

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  • 6 lenses per box
  • 1 year supply = 4 boxes (2 per eye)
Proclear® EP (Biomedics EP) product details—

  • Proclear® EP has replaced Biomedics EP. It's the same lens, under a new package
  • Proclear® EP (Biomedics EP) is the first and only contact lens designed specifically for those who are just beginning to have difficulty reading small type and seeing objects up close.
  • Proclear® EP (Biomedics EP) provide sharp vision at every distance
  • Proclear® EP (Biomedics EP) are a great alternative to bifocals or reading glasses
  •   Material: omafilcon A
      Water Content: 60% ± 2%