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Product Type
Acne Treatment Appliances Unchecked Box Acne Treatment Appliances (1)
Antifungal Treatments Unchecked Box Antifungal Treatments (4)
Applicators Unchecked Box Applicators (44)
Art and Accessories Unchecked Box Art and Accessories (51)
BB Cream & CC Cream Unchecked Box BB Cream & CC Cream (22)
Bags Unchecked Box Bags (10)
Base Lighten Highlight Unchecked Box Base Lighten Highlight (1)
Base & Top Coats Unchecked Box Base & Top Coats (47)
Base Coat Unchecked Box Base Coat (2)
Base, Lighten, Highlight Unchecked Box Base, Lighten, Highlight (2)
Blush Unchecked Box Blush (68)
Body Brush Unchecked Box Body Brush (1)
Bronzer Unchecked Box Bronzer (93)
Bronzers/Glowers Unchecked Box Bronzers/Glowers (1)
Brushes Unchecked Box Brushes (102)
Buffers, Brushes & Kits Unchecked Box Buffers, Brushes & Kits (42)
Cases Unchecked Box Cases (3)
Cleaner Unchecked Box Cleaner (1)
Cleansers & Scrubs Unchecked Box Cleansers & Scrubs (3)
Cleansers & Washes Unchecked Box Cleansers & Washes (7)
Cleansers - Rejuvenating Unchecked Box Cleansers - Rejuvenating (1)
Cleansing Cloths & Pads Unchecked Box Cleansing Cloths & Pads (16)
Clippers Unchecked Box Clippers (33)
Combs & Picks Unchecked Box Combs & Picks (1)
Concealer Unchecked Box Concealer (115)
Concealer - Rejuvenating Unchecked Box Concealer - Rejuvenating (17)
Concealers Unchecked Box Concealers (5)
Cosmetic Bag Unchecked Box Cosmetic Bag (4)
Cosmetic Brushes Unchecked Box Cosmetic Brushes (40)
Cotton Balls & Swabs Unchecked Box Cotton Balls & Swabs (19)
Cream Blush Unchecked Box Cream Blush (1)
Creams, Lotions & Balms Unchecked Box Creams, Lotions & Balms (4)
Cuticle & Hand Treatments Unchecked Box Cuticle & Hand Treatments (23)
Cuticle Shapers Unchecked Box Cuticle Shapers (7)
Dressing Aids Unchecked Box Dressing Aids (1)
Emery Boards & Files Unchecked Box Emery Boards & Files (21)
Eye Brows Unchecked Box Eye Brows (30)
Eye Brushes Unchecked Box Eye Brushes (1)
Eye Creams & Treatments Unchecked Box Eye Creams & Treatments (1)
Eye Creams, Serums & Gels Unchecked Box Eye Creams, Serums & Gels (1)
Eye Creams, Serums, Gels & Treatments Unchecked Box Eye Creams, Serums, Gels & Treatments (6)
Eye Lash Curlers Unchecked Box Eye Lash Curlers (23)
Eye Lashes Unchecked Box Eye Lashes (125)
Eye Liner Unchecked Box Eye Liner (51)
Eye Liner - Liquid & Creams Unchecked Box Eye Liner - Liquid & Creams (29)
Eye Liner - Liquids & Creams Unchecked Box Eye Liner - Liquids & Creams (1)
Eye Liner - Pencils Unchecked Box Eye Liner - Pencils (16)
Eye Shadow Unchecked Box Eye Shadow (1)
Eye Shadow Palette Unchecked Box Eye Shadow Palette (11)
Eye Shadow Palettes Unchecked Box Eye Shadow Palettes (155)
Eye Shadow Primer & Base Unchecked Box Eye Shadow Primer & Base (5)
Eye Shadow Singles Unchecked Box Eye Shadow Singles (95)
Eyebrows Unchecked Box Eyebrows (21)
Eyelash Enhancers & Primers Unchecked Box Eyelash Enhancers & Primers (1)
Eyelashes Unchecked Box Eyelashes (6)
Eyeliner Unchecked Box Eyeliner (2)
Eyeliner Liquid & Cream Unchecked Box Eyeliner Liquid & Cream (12)
Eyeliner Pencils Unchecked Box Eyeliner Pencils (33)
Eyeliner Retractable Pencils Unchecked Box Eyeliner Retractable Pencils (2)
Eyes Unchecked Box Eyes (2)
Eyeshadow Unchecked Box Eyeshadow (12)
Eyeshadow Creams & Pencils Unchecked Box Eyeshadow Creams & Pencils (3)
Eyeshadow Duos Unchecked Box Eyeshadow Duos (2)
Eyeshadow Palettes Unchecked Box Eyeshadow Palettes (4)
Eyeshadow Quads Unchecked Box Eyeshadow Quads (1)
Eyeshadow Trios Unchecked Box Eyeshadow Trios (1)
Facial Creams Unchecked Box Facial Creams (4)
Fade & Bleach Creams Unchecked Box Fade & Bleach Creams (1)
Foot Spa Unchecked Box Foot Spa (1)
Foundation Unchecked Box Foundation (289)
Foundation - Rejuvenating Unchecked Box Foundation - Rejuvenating (36)
French Manicure Unchecked Box French Manicure (10)
Gift Sets Unchecked Box Gift Sets (3)
Grooming Needs Unchecked Box Grooming Needs (9)
Growth & Repair Unchecked Box Growth & Repair (9)
Hair Cutting Needs Unchecked Box Hair Cutting Needs (2)
Hair Removal Unchecked Box Hair Removal (1)
Headbands Unchecked Box Headbands (1)
Home Spa & Relaxation Unchecked Box Home Spa & Relaxation (2)
Ingrown Toenail Relief Unchecked Box Ingrown Toenail Relief (1)
LED Lamps Unchecked Box LED Lamps (1)
Liners & Pencils Unchecked Box Liners & Pencils (29)
Liners - Liquid & Cream Unchecked Box Liners - Liquid & Cream (24)
Liners - Pencil Unchecked Box Liners - Pencil (40)
Liners - Retractable Pencils Unchecked Box Liners - Retractable Pencils (5)
Lip Balm Unchecked Box Lip Balm (98)
Lip Balm with Sunscreen Unchecked Box Lip Balm with Sunscreen (4)
Lip Gloss Unchecked Box Lip Gloss (96)
Lip Liner Unchecked Box Lip Liner (13)
Lip Liners & Pencils Unchecked Box Lip Liners & Pencils (6)
Lip Plumpers Unchecked Box Lip Plumpers (7)
Lip Stains Unchecked Box Lip Stains (15)
Lip Stick Unchecked Box Lip Stick (1)
Lip Treatments Unchecked Box Lip Treatments (5)
Lipgloss Unchecked Box Lipgloss (98)
Lipstick Unchecked Box Lipstick (259)
Liquid Unchecked Box Liquid (23)
Loose Powder Unchecked Box Loose Powder (30)
Make-up Remover Unchecked Box Make-up Remover (45)
Makeup Tools & Accessories Unchecked Box Makeup Tools & Accessories (5)
Mascara Unchecked Box Mascara (159)
Mascara - Washable Unchecked Box Mascara - Washable (30)
Mascara - Waterproof Unchecked Box Mascara - Waterproof (18)
Masks, Strips & Peels Unchecked Box Masks, Strips & Peels (1)
Mineral Makeup Unchecked Box Mineral Makeup (16)
Mirrors Unchecked Box Mirrors (34)
Mirrors Unchecked Box Mirrors (9)
Moisturizers Unchecked Box Moisturizers (9)
Multi Use Products for Eyes Unchecked Box Multi Use Products for Eyes (7)
Nail Curing Lights Unchecked Box Nail Curing Lights (2)
Nail Glue Unchecked Box Nail Glue (6)
Nail Kits & Tips Acrylics Unchecked Box Nail Kits & Tips Acrylics (15)
Nail Kits & Tips Non-Acrylic Unchecked Box Nail Kits & Tips Non-Acrylic (49)
Nail Polish Unchecked Box Nail Polish (355)
Nail Polish on-the-go Unchecked Box Nail Polish on-the-go (1)
Nail Strengtheners Unchecked Box Nail Strengtheners (45)
Nail Treatments Unchecked Box Nail Treatments (36)
Nails Unchecked Box Nails (1)
Nippers Unchecked Box Nippers (13)
Pedicure Implements Unchecked Box Pedicure Implements (10)
Personal Lubricants Unchecked Box Personal Lubricants (2)
Polish Unchecked Box Polish (12)
Polish Remover Unchecked Box Polish Remover (44)
Powder Unchecked Box Powder (81)
Powder - Rejuvenating Unchecked Box Powder - Rejuvenating (3)
Pre or Aftershave Needs Unchecked Box Pre or Aftershave Needs (1)
Pressed Powder Unchecked Box Pressed Powder (65)
Pressure/Bed Sores Unchecked Box Pressure/Bed Sores (2)
Primer Unchecked Box Primer (12)
Quick Dry & Smudge Repair Unchecked Box Quick Dry & Smudge Repair (5)
Rejuvenating Unchecked Box Rejuvenating (10)
Rejuvenating Creams and Lotions Unchecked Box Rejuvenating Creams and Lotions (2)
Scissors Unchecked Box Scissors (5)
Scrubs Unchecked Box Scrubs (2)
Serum & Treatment - Rejuvenating Unchecked Box Serum & Treatment - Rejuvenating (1)
Serums & Oils Unchecked Box Serums & Oils (2)
Shadow Creams & Pencils Unchecked Box Shadow Creams & Pencils (1)
Shadow Duos Unchecked Box Shadow Duos (1)
Shadow Quads Unchecked Box Shadow Quads (3)
Shadow Singles Unchecked Box Shadow Singles (4)
Shadow Trios Unchecked Box Shadow Trios (1)
Sharpeners Unchecked Box Sharpeners (8)
Shoe & Sneaker Laces Unchecked Box Shoe & Sneaker Laces (1)
Shower & Bath Accessories Unchecked Box Shower & Bath Accessories (1)
Skin Care Tools & Blotting Papers Unchecked Box Skin Care Tools & Blotting Papers (3)
Sponges Unchecked Box Sponges (7)
Storage/Organization Unchecked Box Storage/Organization (19)
Sunscreen Creams & Gels Unchecked Box Sunscreen Creams & Gels (2)
Talcs & Powders Unchecked Box Talcs & Powders (1)
Tinted Moisturizer Unchecked Box Tinted Moisturizer (14)
Toiletries Unchecked Box Toiletries (1)
Toners, Astringents & Mists Unchecked Box Toners, Astringents & Mists (2)
Top Coat Unchecked Box Top Coat (3)
Travel Brushes & Containers Unchecked Box Travel Brushes & Containers (7)
Treatments - Rejuvenating Unchecked Box Treatments - Rejuvenating (7)
Tweezers & Shapers Unchecked Box Tweezers & Shapers (78)
Washable Unchecked Box Washable (13)
Washable Mascaras Unchecked Box Washable Mascaras (2)
Waterproof Unchecked Box Waterproof (4)


CoverGirl Unchecked Box CoverGirl (179)
L'Oreal Paris Unchecked Box L'Oreal Paris (76)
Maybelline Unchecked Box Maybelline (109)
Milani Unchecked Box Milani (89)
Ramy Unchecked Box Ramy (75)
Revlon Unchecked Box Revlon (302)
Sally Hansen Unchecked Box Sally Hansen (171)
Studio 35 Unchecked Box Studio 35 (137)
Wet n Wild Unchecked Box Wet n Wild (86)
e.l.f. Unchecked Box e.l.f. (168)

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Special Values

Special Values
Auto-Reorder & Save Unchecked Box Auto-Reorder & Save
FSA Item Unchecked Box FSA Item
Loyalty Points Eligible Unchecked Box Loyalty Points Eligible
New Item Unchecked Box New Item
Sale, BOGO & Rebates Unchecked Box Sale, BOGO & Rebates
Vitamin Angels Unchecked Box Vitamin Angels

Walgreens will donate 1% of every item purchased to Vitamin Angels and help 100 million children and mothers recieve life-changing vitamins by 2017.

Web Exclusive Unchecked Box Web Exclusive

Product Material

Product Material
Elastic Unchecked Box Elastic

Skin Type

Skin Type
All Unchecked Box All
Combination Unchecked Box Combination
Dry Unchecked Box Dry
Normal Unchecked Box Normal
Oily Unchecked Box Oily
Sensitive Unchecked Box Sensitive


Walgreens Makeup offers a wide variety of cosmetics that will help you look your best. You can find makeup products that will help draw attention to your features and put the finishing touches on your lips, cheeks, eyes, and face. With Walgreens Makeup Products, you can add to your looks to make a dramatic impression for a nighttime event or give your skin a gorgeous glow by day. READ MORE ABOUT MAKEUP ›

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4,421  Items

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Makeup for Your Every Feature

Makeup can be used to disguise flaws in your skin and correct any unevenness in your skin tone. Facial makeup begins with foundation, which is designed for application all over your face. You can choose liquid for drier skin, cream or cream-to-powder for combination and normal complexions and powdered formulas for oily skin. For extra coverage in troubled spots, dot on concealer in a matching shade. Then, you're ready to add color to your complexion with blush on your cheekbones. Bronzer and highlighter or illuminator can be used to contour your face and create beautiful effects.

Eye makeup is used to call attention to the eyes by defining their shape and making their color pop. Eye shadow adds color to the eye area and is best when you mix multiple colors with a darker shade for the crease. You can pick hues that contrast with your eye color for best results. Eyeliner can be used to trace the top lid, bottom lid or both. Liquids provide dramatic color, while pencils and crayons can be subtle or smudged for smokiness. Lengthen and thicken your eyelashes with mascara, and you'll perfectly complete your eye look. Keep in mind that darker colors and more dramatic liner are usually left for night, while more natural shades are ideal for day.

Adding lip color can enhance your lips' beauty, but be sure to balance the shade of lipstick or gloss with your eye makeup colors. If you have bold eye makeup, pick a softer hue for the lips, or add a pop of color to contrast with a more neutral eye look. To accentuate the shape of your mouth, trace the edge with lip liner, and you can get a sleek wet look with lip gloss.

Walgreens Makeup also offers a wide selection of nail polishes. Our nail polish can make your toenails and fingernails look lovely. You'll find a wide array of shades to pick from to match your outfits or just reflect your personal style. A complete manicure consists of a top coat, nail color and a base coat, so be sure to stock up on all of the essentials for your at-home manis and pedis. Walgreens also offers makeup products for the body such as leg makeup to cover imperfections as well as all-over bronzers that leave behind a sun-kissed glow from head to toe.

Walgreens has all of the cosmetics essentials that you want for your makeup bag. The selection includes the brushes and other tools that you need to create an infinite array of flattering day and nighttime looks. BACK TO TOP ›

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