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Hair Care

Shampoo Conditioner Styling Products Salon Hair Care Hair Regrowth & Thickening Hair & Scalp Treatments Hair Color Hair Appliances, Tools & Accessories Hair Care Sets Ethnic Hair Care Children's Hair Care Hair Care for Men Natural & Organic Hair Care

Product Type

Product Type
Accessories Unchecked Box Accessories (8)
Accessory Sets Unchecked Box Accessory Sets (3)
Arthritis Pain Relievers Unchecked Box Arthritis Pain Relievers (1)
Barrettes Unchecked Box Barrettes (34)
Brush/Comb Sets Unchecked Box Brush/Comb Sets (14)
Brushes Unchecked Box Brushes (141)
Caps, Nets & Wraps Unchecked Box Caps, Nets & Wraps (32)
Chemically Treated or Permed Unchecked Box Chemically Treated or Permed (5)
Combs & Picks Unchecked Box Combs & Picks (22)
Conditioner Unchecked Box Conditioner (1)
Curling Irons Unchecked Box Curling Irons (82)
Dandruff/Psoriasis Hair Care Unchecked Box Dandruff/Psoriasis Hair Care (1)
Decorative Combs & Pins Unchecked Box Decorative Combs & Pins (8)
Decorative Hair Pins Unchecked Box Decorative Hair Pins (1)
Elastics & Pony Tail Accessories Unchecked Box Elastics & Pony Tail Accessories (8)
Elastics & Ponytail Accessories Unchecked Box Elastics & Ponytail Accessories (46)
Electric Shavers & Trimmers - Women Unchecked Box Electric Shavers & Trimmers - Women (1)
Electric Shavers & Trimmers for Men Unchecked Box Electric Shavers & Trimmers for Men (2)
Electronic hair dryers, curlers, crimpers Unchecked Box Electronic hair dryers, curlers, crimpers (17)
Flat Iron/Blow Dry Protection Unchecked Box Flat Iron/Blow Dry Protection (1)
Flat Irons/Straighteners Checked Box Flat Irons/Straighteners
Gels & Glazes Unchecked Box Gels & Glazes (1)
Hair Clips Unchecked Box Hair Clips (52)
Hair Cutting Needs Unchecked Box Hair Cutting Needs (19)
Hair Dryers Unchecked Box Hair Dryers (100)
Hair Pieces & Extensions Unchecked Box Hair Pieces & Extensions (10)
Hair Pins & Bobby Pins Unchecked Box Hair Pins & Bobby Pins (20)
Hair Straighteners Unchecked Box Hair Straighteners (19)
Hair Styling Unchecked Box Hair Styling (13)
Headbands Unchecked Box Headbands (38)
Hot Air Stylers Unchecked Box Hot Air Stylers (14)
Irons/Straighteners Unchecked Box Irons/Straighteners (9)
Mirrors Unchecked Box Mirrors (7)
Rollers Unchecked Box Rollers (36)
Serum Unchecked Box Serum (1)
Sets Unchecked Box Sets (7)
Shampoo Unchecked Box Shampoo (2)
Shoe Cleaner & Accessories Unchecked Box Shoe Cleaner & Accessories (1)
Shower & Bath Accessories Unchecked Box Shower & Bath Accessories (7)
Shower Caps Unchecked Box Shower Caps (2)
Styling Products - Ethnic Hair Care Unchecked Box Styling Products - Ethnic Hair Care (1)


BaByliss PRO Unchecked Box BaByliss PRO (6)
Bibasque Hair Tools Unchecked Box Bibasque Hair Tools (10)
CHI Unchecked Box CHI (4)
CHI Air Unchecked Box CHI Air (6)
Conair Unchecked Box Conair (11)
FHI Heat Unchecked Box FHI Heat (9)
Infiniti Pro by Conair Unchecked Box Infiniti Pro by Conair (2)
Infiniti by Conair Unchecked Box Infiniti by Conair (2)
Revlon Unchecked Box Revlon (6)
TIGI Bed Head Unchecked Box TIGI Bed Head (3)

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Fire Red Unchecked Box Fire Red
Pure Pink Unchecked Box Pure Pink


1 1/2" Unchecked Box 1 1/2"
1 Inch Unchecked Box 1 Inch
1 Inch Plates Unchecked Box 1 Inch Plates
1 in Unchecked Box 1 in
1 inch Unchecked Box 1 inch
1" Unchecked Box 1"
1.25 Inch Plates Unchecked Box 1.25 Inch Plates
2 inch Unchecked Box 2 inch
3/4 Inch Unchecked Box 3/4 Inch
3/4" Unchecked Box 3/4"

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Special Values

Special Values
Loyalty Points Eligible Unchecked Box Loyalty Points Eligible
New Item Unchecked Box New Item
Sale, BOGO & Rebates Unchecked Box Sale, BOGO & Rebates
Web Exclusive Unchecked Box Web Exclusive

Flat Irons and Straighteners

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