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Pain Relief & Management

Aspirin Non-Aspirin Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Children's Pain & Fever Relief Arthritis Pain Relief Menstrual Pain Relief Migraine Pain Relief Oral Pain Relief Hot & Cold Therapy Hemorrhoid Care Rubs & Ointments Urinary Tract Infection Treatments

Product Type

Product Type
Ankle Unchecked Box Ankle (1)
Athletic Tape & Wraps Unchecked Box Athletic Tape & Wraps (1)
Children's Heating and Cooling Packs Unchecked Box Children's Heating and Cooling Packs (2)
Cold Compresses or Ice Bags, Reusable Checked Box Cold Compresses or Ice Bags, Reusable
Cold Compresses, Single Use Unchecked Box Cold Compresses, Single Use (9)
Elbow & Shoulder Unchecked Box Elbow & Shoulder (2)
Gels and Sticks Unchecked Box Gels and Sticks (4)
Gels and Sticks - Hot & Cold Therapy Unchecked Box Gels and Sticks - Hot & Cold Therapy (2)
Heat Pad Unchecked Box Heat Pad (1)
Heat Therapy - Reusable Unchecked Box Heat Therapy - Reusable (22)
Heating Pads - Electric Unchecked Box Heating Pads - Electric (10)
Hot & Cold Therapy Unchecked Box Hot & Cold Therapy (44)
Hot & Cold Therapy - Hot & Cold Therapy Unchecked Box Hot & Cold Therapy - Hot & Cold Therapy (5)
Menstrual & PMS Relief Unchecked Box Menstrual & PMS Relief (1)
Migraine/Headache Pain Relief Unchecked Box Migraine/Headache Pain Relief (1)
Neck Pillow Unchecked Box Neck Pillow (1)
Non-Drug Sinus Relief Unchecked Box Non-Drug Sinus Relief (1)
Patch Unchecked Box Patch (1)
Patches & Wraps Unchecked Box Patches & Wraps (1)
Patches and Wraps Unchecked Box Patches and Wraps (35)
Reusable Hot/Cold Packs Unchecked Box Reusable Hot/Cold Packs (1)
Rubs, Lotions, Roll-Ons & Sprays Unchecked Box Rubs, Lotions, Roll-Ons & Sprays (1)
Rubs, Lotions, Roll-Ons and Sprays Unchecked Box Rubs, Lotions, Roll-Ons and Sprays (3)
Rubs, Lotions, Roll-ons and Sprays Unchecked Box Rubs, Lotions, Roll-ons and Sprays (1)
Wrist & Hand Unchecked Box Wrist & Hand (2)


Accessories by Upper Canada Unchecked Box Accessories by Upper Canada (2)
Bruder Unchecked Box Bruder (2)
Cryo-Max Unchecked Box Cryo-Max (4)
I.C.E. Down Unchecked Box I.C.E. Down (7)
Ice It! Unchecked Box Ice It! (6)
Mabis Healthcare Unchecked Box Mabis Healthcare (2)
North American Healthcare Unchecked Box North American Healthcare (2)
Thera-Med Unchecked Box Thera-Med (2)
TheraPearl Unchecked Box TheraPearl (9)
Walgreens Unchecked Box Walgreens (7)

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11 Inch Unchecked Box 11 Inch
4" x 60" Unchecked Box 4" x 60"
9 Inch Unchecked Box 9 Inch
Extra Large Unchecked Box Extra Large
Large Unchecked Box Large
Medium Unchecked Box Medium
Multi Purpose Unchecked Box Multi Purpose
Shoulder Unchecked Box Shoulder
Small Unchecked Box Small
Wrist Unchecked Box Wrist

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Arthritis Unchecked Box Arthritis