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Product Type
Hairspray Unchecked Box Hairspray (1)
Serum Unchecked Box Serum (1)


AXE Unchecked Box AXE (13)
African Royale Unchecked Box African Royale (1)
Agadir Unchecked Box Agadir (2)
Alberto VO5 Unchecked Box Alberto VO5 (3)
AlfaParf Unchecked Box AlfaParf (1)
American Crew Unchecked Box American Crew (14)
American Health Unchecked Box American Health (1)
Ampro Unchecked Box Ampro (7)
Aqua Net Unchecked Box Aqua Net (4)
Aquage Unchecked Box Aquage (14)
Ardell Unchecked Box Ardell (1)
As I Am Unchecked Box As I Am (4)
Aubrey Organics Unchecked Box Aubrey Organics (1)
Aussie Unchecked Box Aussie (20)
Avlon Unchecked Box Avlon (2)
B'IOTA Botanicals Unchecked Box B'IOTA Botanicals (2)
BB Unchecked Box BB (3)
Bain De Terre Unchecked Box Bain De Terre (4)
Beautiful Textures Unchecked Box Beautiful Textures (2)
Beauty Without Cruelty Unchecked Box Beauty Without Cruelty (2)
BioInfusion Unchecked Box BioInfusion (1)
BioPlus Unchecked Box BioPlus (11)
Biolage by Matrix Unchecked Box Biolage by Matrix (24)
Biosilk Unchecked Box Biosilk (10)
Blue Magic Unchecked Box Blue Magic (2)
Boots Unchecked Box Boots (12)
Bosley Unchecked Box Bosley (4)
Broadway Nails Unchecked Box Broadway Nails (1)
Brylcreem Unchecked Box Brylcreem (2)
CHI Unchecked Box CHI (21)
CHI Air Unchecked Box CHI Air (1)
CHI Home Unchecked Box CHI Home (3)
CHI Rx Unchecked Box CHI Rx (1)
Cantu Unchecked Box Cantu (4)
Care Free Curl Unchecked Box Care Free Curl (4)
Cheer Chics Unchecked Box Cheer Chics (1)
Citre Shine Unchecked Box Citre Shine (1)
Clubman Unchecked Box Clubman (1)
Conair Unchecked Box Conair (4)
Condition 3-in-1 Unchecked Box Condition 3-in-1 (6)
Consort Unchecked Box Consort (4)
Coppola Unchecked Box Coppola (5)
Crack Unchecked Box Crack (1)
Creme Of Nature Unchecked Box Creme Of Nature (8)
Cristophe Professional Unchecked Box Cristophe Professional (4)
CurlFriends Unchecked Box CurlFriends (3)
Curls Unchecked Box Curls (1)
Curls Unleashed Unchecked Box Curls Unleashed (3)
Dark and Lovely Unchecked Box Dark and Lovely (1)
Davines Unchecked Box Davines (5)
Dep Unchecked Box Dep (2)
DermOrganic Unchecked Box DermOrganic (3)
Desert Essence Unchecked Box Desert Essence (3)
Design Unchecked Box Design (8)
DeveloPlus Unchecked Box DeveloPlus (1)
Dial Unchecked Box Dial (4)
Dove Unchecked Box Dove (8)
Dr. Bronner's Unchecked Box Dr. Bronner's (1)
Dr. Miracle's Unchecked Box Dr. Miracle's (2)
Eco Unchecked Box Eco (1)
Elasta QP Unchecked Box Elasta QP (2)
Enjoy Professional Hair Care Unchecked Box Enjoy Professional Hair Care (12)
Eufora Unchecked Box Eufora (8)
Eva NYC Unchecked Box Eva NYC (7)
Every Man Jack Unchecked Box Every Man Jack (3)
FHI Heat Unchecked Box FHI Heat (3)
FX Special Effects Unchecked Box FX Special Effects (2)
Fantasia Unchecked Box Fantasia (10)
Final Net Unchecked Box Final Net (3)
Finesse Unchecked Box Finesse (8)
Fleurology Unchecked Box Fleurology (2)
Focus 21 Unchecked Box Focus 21 (2)
Frederic Fekkai Unchecked Box Frederic Fekkai (16)
Free & Clear Unchecked Box Free & Clear (3)
Freeze It Unchecked Box Freeze It (1)
GG Gatsby Unchecked Box GG Gatsby (6)
Garnier Unchecked Box Garnier (37)
Gimme Unchecked Box Gimme (1)
Giovanni Unchecked Box Giovanni (15)
Global Keratin Unchecked Box Global Keratin (3)
Goldwell Unchecked Box Goldwell (3)
Got2b Unchecked Box Got2b (29)
Groom & Clean Unchecked Box Groom & Clean (1)
Hair Rules Unchecked Box Hair Rules (2)
Hayashi Unchecked Box Hayashi (1)
Herbal Essences Unchecked Box Herbal Essences (24)
I.C.O.N. Unchecked Box I.C.O.N. (8)
ISO Unchecked Box ISO (7)
Infusium 23 Unchecked Box Infusium 23 (6)
IsoPlus Unchecked Box IsoPlus (3)
J Beverly Hills Unchecked Box J Beverly Hills (6)
JASON Unchecked Box JASON (2)
Jane Carter Solution Unchecked Box Jane Carter Solution (1)
Joe Grooming Unchecked Box Joe Grooming (4)
John Frieda Unchecked Box John Frieda (22)
Johnny B. Hair Care Unchecked Box Johnny B. Hair Care (1)
Joico Unchecked Box Joico (20)
Joico Body Luxe Unchecked Box Joico Body Luxe (1)
Joico K-Pak Unchecked Box Joico K-Pak (2)
Jonathan Product Unchecked Box Jonathan Product (5)
Juice Organics Unchecked Box Juice Organics (1)
Justin Bieber Unchecked Box Justin Bieber (1)
KMS Unchecked Box KMS (8)
Kenra Unchecked Box Kenra (37)
Kerastase Unchecked Box Kerastase (11)
Kinky-Curly Unchecked Box Kinky-Curly (1)
Kiss My Face Unchecked Box Kiss My Face (1)
L'Anza Unchecked Box L'Anza (4)
L'Oreal Paris Unchecked Box L'Oreal Paris (47)
L'Oreal Paris Professionnel Unchecked Box L'Oreal Paris Professionnel (4)
L.A. Looks Unchecked Box L.A. Looks (9)
La Bella Unchecked Box La Bella (2)
Let's Jam! Unchecked Box Let's Jam! (4)
Long Aid Unchecked Box Long Aid (2)
Luster's Unchecked Box Luster's (9)
Magic Shave Unchecked Box Magic Shave (2)
Marc Anthony True Professional Unchecked Box Marc Anthony True Professional (13)
Mastey Unchecked Box Mastey (2)
Matrix Unchecked Box Matrix (2)
Matrix Total Results Unchecked Box Matrix Total Results (1)
Michael O'Rourke Unchecked Box Michael O'Rourke (8)
Miss Jessie's Unchecked Box Miss Jessie's (8)
Mixed Chicks Unchecked Box Mixed Chicks (1)
Motions Unchecked Box Motions (5)
Muray's Unchecked Box Muray's (1)
Murray's Unchecked Box Murray's (3)
Murrays Unchecked Box Murrays (3)
NYX Unchecked Box NYX (1)
Nenes Secret Unchecked Box Nenes Secret (1)
Neutrogena Unchecked Box Neutrogena (1)
Nexxus Unchecked Box Nexxus (13)
Nioxin Unchecked Box Nioxin (7)
Not Your Mother's Unchecked Box Not Your Mother's (11)
NuHair Unchecked Box NuHair (1)
OGX Unchecked Box OGX (25)
Ogilvie Unchecked Box Ogilvie (1)
Old Spice Unchecked Box Old Spice (6)
Optimum Unchecked Box Optimum (4)
Organic Root Stimulator Unchecked Box Organic Root Stimulator (9)
Organics Unchecked Box Organics (1)
Oscar Blandi Unchecked Box Oscar Blandi (3)
Palmer's Unchecked Box Palmer's (1)
Pantene Unchecked Box Pantene (32)
Paul Mitchell Unchecked Box Paul Mitchell (41)
Peter Lamas Unchecked Box Peter Lamas (2)
Prive Unchecked Box Prive (4)
Psssssst Unchecked Box Psssssst (1)
Pureology Unchecked Box Pureology (9)
Rasta Locks & Twist Unchecked Box Rasta Locks & Twist (2)
Rave Unchecked Box Rave (3)
Redken Unchecked Box Redken (21)
Renpure Unchecked Box Renpure (4)
Revlon Unchecked Box Revlon (2)
Rusk Unchecked Box Rusk (13)
Rx7 Unchecked Box Rx7 (1)
S-Curl Unchecked Box S-Curl (1)
Sally Hershberger Unchecked Box Sally Hershberger (8)
Salon Grafix Unchecked Box Salon Grafix (17)
Samy Unchecked Box Samy (17)
Schwarzkopf Professional Unchecked Box Schwarzkopf Professional (9)
Scruples Unchecked Box Scruples (8)
Sebastian Unchecked Box Sebastian (18)
Sexy Hair Concepts Unchecked Box Sexy Hair Concepts (37)
Shea Terra Organics Unchecked Box Shea Terra Organics (1)
SheaMoisture Unchecked Box SheaMoisture (5)
ShiKai Unchecked Box ShiKai (3)
Simply Smooth Unchecked Box Simply Smooth (4)
Smooth 'N Shine Unchecked Box Smooth 'N Shine (1)
Smooth 'n Shine Polishing Unchecked Box Smooth 'n Shine Polishing (7)
Sofn'free GroHealthy Unchecked Box Sofn'free GroHealthy (4)
Soft & Beautiful Unchecked Box Soft & Beautiful (2)
Softee Unchecked Box Softee (2)
Squizz Unchecked Box Squizz (3)
Studio 35 Unchecked Box Studio 35 (7)
Suave Unchecked Box Suave (12)
TIGI Unchecked Box TIGI (41)
TRESemme Unchecked Box TRESemme (27)
Taliah Waajid Unchecked Box Taliah Waajid (3)
Thicker Fuller Hair Checked Box Thicker Fuller Hair
Toni&Guy Unchecked Box Toni&Guy (13)
Twisted Sista Unchecked Box Twisted Sista (5)
Ultra Sheen Unchecked Box Ultra Sheen (1)
Unite Unchecked Box Unite (1)
VaVoom by Matrix Unchecked Box VaVoom by Matrix (2)
Vibe Beauty Unchecked Box Vibe Beauty (4)
Vidal Sassoon Unchecked Box Vidal Sassoon (17)
Vitalis Unchecked Box Vitalis (2)
Vitapointe Unchecked Box Vitapointe (1)
Volumax Unchecked Box Volumax (1)
Wave Nouveau Unchecked Box Wave Nouveau (2)
White Rain Unchecked Box White Rain (3)
Wigo Unchecked Box Wigo (1)
Wildroot Unchecked Box Wildroot (1)
Woody's Unchecked Box Woody's (8)
X5 Superlite Unchecked Box X5 Superlite (2)
Youthair Unchecked Box Youthair (1)
Zelo Unchecked Box Zelo (2)
Zero Frizz Unchecked Box Zero Frizz (2)
d:fi Unchecked Box d:fi (1)
eco styler Unchecked Box eco styler (2)
hellomellow Unchecked Box hellomellow (1)
it's a 10 Unchecked Box it's a 10 (9)
modern organic products Unchecked Box modern organic products (3)

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Special Values
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Thicker Fuller Hair - Styling Products

Perfect the hairstyle you've always wanted using the wide range of Styling Products available at Walgreens. Styling products can help you overcome challenges and help make every day a great hair day. By choosing Walgreens Styling Products that are specially designed to accomplish your styling goals, you'll find that creating your perfect hairdo is much easier and can last all day. READ MORE ABOUT STYLING PRODUCTS ›

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Choosing the Right Styling Products for Your Hair

Curly hair is beautiful, and if you're like many people with curly tresses, you may find it difficult to keep your curls looking great. Your curls may be tighter in one area of your hair, or they may have different shapes that make your hair appear messy or frizzy. Choosing to use a curl enhancer or curl activating products can help you get beautifully uniform curls all over. These specially formulated items can help you shape and style your curls when they are wet or dry. When shopping for styling products, keep in mind that some curling products are meant to be used along with a curl enhancing shampoo.

Fine hair that looks limp can be a real damper on your style, but volumizing styling products can help you restore bounce. Some volumizers work by increasing the size of the hair strands, so that they are plumper and thicker. Others lift hair at the roots to give it more body. To achieve the look of full-bodied hair, consider trying a product like styling mousse. Mousses work as volumizers in that they add more bounce to fine hair, while also helping to make the hair more manageable when you're shaping and styling. Typically, mousses and volumizers are used on wet tresses.

Whether you like a sleek, sculpted style, a funky hairdo or a modern look, styling products can help you shape and form your hair. There are many different options available for sculpting. Gels and glazes provide a wet look and a large degree of control and hold, while pomade, putties and pastes leave the hair softer, while making it easier to define a style. Walgreens also offers hair waxes which are used on dry hair, helping to separate the strands to create various effects.

Serums are special styling products that can perform a variety of different functions. A serum is a liquid or oil that contains silicone and that coats the strands of the hair without becoming completely absorbed by their fibers. Some serums amplify shine, leaving the hair looking lustrous and healthy. Others are used to reduce frizz and work by limiting how much moisture can enter the strands from humid air. You'll also find hydrating serums that help to lock moisture into the strands to address dryness.

Your hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron or hot rollers may be an indispensable part of your hair care routine, but they can also take a toll on your tresses. The heat from these tools can leave the hair dry, increasing brittleness and the chance of breakage. Thermal protector styling products are applied to the hair before using a hot styling tool and help to shield the hair from heat-related damage.

Once you have your hair styled, you want that look to last and last. Hairspray contains fixatives that keep the hair in place. As you shop for hairspray, you'll want to compare the "hold" of the various products. This refers to the strength of the formula's fixative. The stronger the hold, the more likely your hair is to feel stiff after use, so balance your needs for a long lasting style. Walgreens Styling Products offer a wide range of options for every hair type and style. Use the left navigation menu to browse hundreds of styling products from trusted brands like Bed Head, John Frieda, and Herbal Essences. BACK TO TOP ›

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