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Dolce & Gabbana Unchecked Box Dolce & Gabbana (31)
Donna Karan Unchecked Box Donna Karan (1)
Dora Unchecked Box Dora (2)
Drakkar Noir Unchecked Box Drakkar Noir (3)
Ducati Unchecked Box Ducati (4)
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Giorgio Beverly Hills Unchecked Box Giorgio Beverly Hills (11)
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Harajuku Unchecked Box Harajuku (2)
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Jimmy Choo Unchecked Box Jimmy Choo (6)
Jivago Unchecked Box Jivago (1)
Johan B Unchecked Box Johan B (4)
John Varvatos Unchecked Box John Varvatos (7)
Jontue Unchecked Box Jontue (1)
Joop! Unchecked Box Joop! (8)
Jovan Unchecked Box Jovan (16)
Juicy Couture Unchecked Box Juicy Couture (12)
Justin Bieber Unchecked Box Justin Bieber (6)
Karl Lagerfeld Unchecked Box Karl Lagerfeld (7)
Kate Spade Unchecked Box Kate Spade (1)
Katy Perry Unchecked Box Katy Perry (8)
Kenneth Cole Unchecked Box Kenneth Cole (7)
Kenzo Unchecked Box Kenzo (12)
Khloe & Lamar Unchecked Box Khloe & Lamar (2)
Kim Kardashian Unchecked Box Kim Kardashian (5)
Krizia Unchecked Box Krizia (2)
Kylie Minogue Unchecked Box Kylie Minogue (1)
L'air du Temps Unchecked Box L'air du Temps (1)
LTL Unchecked Box LTL (1)
La Perla Unchecked Box La Perla (1)
Lacoste Unchecked Box Lacoste (23)
Lady Gaga Unchecked Box Lady Gaga (7)
Lalique Unchecked Box Lalique (9)
Lancaster Unchecked Box Lancaster (1)
Lancome Unchecked Box Lancome (18)
Lanvin Unchecked Box Lanvin (7)
Laura Biagiotti Unchecked Box Laura Biagiotti (4)
Liz Claiborne Unchecked Box Liz Claiborne (32)
Lolita Lempicka Unchecked Box Lolita Lempicka (6)
Lomani Unchecked Box Lomani (3)
Love & Toast Unchecked Box Love & Toast (17)
MGA Unchecked Box MGA (3)
Madame Rochas Unchecked Box Madame Rochas (1)
Madonna Unchecked Box Madonna (1)
Marc Jacobs Unchecked Box Marc Jacobs (13)
Maria Sharapova Unchecked Box Maria Sharapova (1)
Mariah Carey Unchecked Box Mariah Carey (7)
Marina de Bourbon Unchecked Box Marina de Bourbon (1)
Marmol & Son Unchecked Box Marmol & Son (1)
Maroma Unchecked Box Maroma (1)
Mary J. Blige Unchecked Box Mary J. Blige (1)
Mauboussin Unchecked Box Mauboussin (2)
Maurer & Wirtz Unchecked Box Maurer & Wirtz (5)
Max Azaria Unchecked Box Max Azaria (1)
McGraw Unchecked Box McGraw (6)
Meulhens Unchecked Box Meulhens (4)
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Michel Germain Unchecked Box Michel Germain (4)
Miracle Unchecked Box Miracle (2)
Molinard Unchecked Box Molinard (2)
Molyneux Unchecked Box Molyneux (1)
Mont Blanc Unchecked Box Mont Blanc (9)
Moschino Unchecked Box Moschino (8)
Muelhens Unchecked Box Muelhens (4)
Murray & Lanman Unchecked Box Murray & Lanman (1)
Myrurgia Unchecked Box Myrurgia (3)
Narciso Rodriguez Unchecked Box Narciso Rodriguez (8)
Nautica Unchecked Box Nautica (15)
New York Yankees Unchecked Box New York Yankees (3)
Nicki Minaj Unchecked Box Nicki Minaj (5)
Nicole Miller Unchecked Box Nicole Miller (2)
Nicole Polizzi Unchecked Box Nicole Polizzi (2)
Nicole by Nicole Richie Unchecked Box Nicole by Nicole Richie (1)
Nina Ricci Unchecked Box Nina Ricci (8)
Nine West Unchecked Box Nine West (1)
Nino Cerruti Unchecked Box Nino Cerruti (1)
Old Spice Unchecked Box Old Spice (7)
Olivina Unchecked Box Olivina (3)
One Direction Unchecked Box One Direction (2)
Original Penguin Unchecked Box Original Penguin (1)
Oscar De La Renta Unchecked Box Oscar De La Renta (9)
PS Unchecked Box PS (1)
Paco Rabanne Unchecked Box Paco Rabanne (21)
Paloma Picasso Unchecked Box Paloma Picasso (4)
Parfume de Vanille Unchecked Box Parfume de Vanille (1)
Parfums Chloe Unchecked Box Parfums Chloe (5)
Parfums Gres Unchecked Box Parfums Gres (4)
Parfums de Coeur Checked Box Parfums de Coeur
Paris Hilton Unchecked Box Paris Hilton (35)
Paul Sebastian Unchecked Box Paul Sebastian (11)
Paul Smith Unchecked Box Paul Smith (2)
Penguin Unchecked Box Penguin (1)
Perfumers Workshop Unchecked Box Perfumers Workshop (1)
Perry Ellis Unchecked Box Perry Ellis (40)
Pierre Balmain Unchecked Box Pierre Balmain (3)
Pierre Cardin Unchecked Box Pierre Cardin (2)
Playboy Unchecked Box Playboy (7)
Prada Unchecked Box Prada (9)
Preferred Stock Unchecked Box Preferred Stock (1)
Prestige Et Collection Unchecked Box Prestige Et Collection (1)
Prince Matchabelli Unchecked Box Prince Matchabelli (2)
Privilege Unchecked Box Privilege (1)
Puig Unchecked Box Puig (6)
Queen Latifah Unchecked Box Queen Latifah (3)
Quelques Fleurs-Claire Fragrance Unchecked Box Quelques Fleurs-Claire Fragrance (1)
Ralph Lauren Unchecked Box Ralph Lauren (24)
Remy Latour Unchecked Box Remy Latour (1)
Revlon Unchecked Box Revlon (3)
Reyane Unchecked Box Reyane (1)
Rihanna Unchecked Box Rihanna (12)
Robert Piguet Unchecked Box Robert Piguet (3)
Roberto Cavalli Unchecked Box Roberto Cavalli (7)
Roca Wear Unchecked Box Roca Wear (2)
Rocawear Unchecked Box Rocawear (1)
Rochas Unchecked Box Rochas (4)
Roger & Gallet Unchecked Box Roger & Gallet (1)
Royal Copenhagen Unchecked Box Royal Copenhagen (1)
Royal Doulton Unchecked Box Royal Doulton (1)
Royall Fragrance Unchecked Box Royall Fragrance (2)
Royall Fragrances Unchecked Box Royall Fragrances (4)
Salvador Dali Unchecked Box Salvador Dali (3)
Salvatore Ferragamo Unchecked Box Salvatore Ferragamo (16)
Samba Unchecked Box Samba (1)
Sand & Sable Unchecked Box Sand & Sable (1)
Sarah Jessica Parker Unchecked Box Sarah Jessica Parker (3)
Scannon Unchecked Box Scannon (1)
Sean John Unchecked Box Sean John (3)
Secret Unchecked Box Secret (2)
Selena Gomez Unchecked Box Selena Gomez (1)
Shakira Unchecked Box Shakira (4)
Sisley Unchecked Box Sisley (2)
Skin Musk Unchecked Box Skin Musk (1)
Slavia Zaitsev Unchecked Box Slavia Zaitsev (1)
Sofia Vergara Unchecked Box Sofia Vergara (1)
St Dupont Unchecked Box St Dupont (1)
Stella McCartney Unchecked Box Stella McCartney (1)
Stetson Unchecked Box Stetson (6)
Still, by Jennifer Lopez Unchecked Box Still, by Jennifer Lopez (1)
Succes de Paris Unchecked Box Succes de Paris (4)
Superman Unchecked Box Superman (1)
Swarovski Unchecked Box Swarovski (2)
Swiss Army Unchecked Box Swiss Army (6)
Taylor Swift Unchecked Box Taylor Swift (6)
Ted Lapidus Unchecked Box Ted Lapidus (3)
The Perfumer's Workshop Ltd. Unchecked Box The Perfumer's Workshop Ltd. (1)
Thierry Mugler Unchecked Box Thierry Mugler (23)
Tom Ford Unchecked Box Tom Ford (2)
Tommy Bahama Unchecked Box Tommy Bahama (4)
Tommy Hilfiger Unchecked Box Tommy Hilfiger (9)
Tous Unchecked Box Tous (3)
Travalo Unchecked Box Travalo (2)
True Religion Unchecked Box True Religion (3)
True Religion Brand Jeans Unchecked Box True Religion Brand Jeans (1)
Trussardi Unchecked Box Trussardi (1)
Unbreakable Bond Unchecked Box Unbreakable Bond (1)
United Colors of Benetton Unchecked Box United Colors of Benetton (1)
Usher Unchecked Box Usher (8)
Valentino Unchecked Box Valentino (2)
Van Cleef & Arpels Unchecked Box Van Cleef & Arpels (7)
Vera Wang Unchecked Box Vera Wang (13)
Victoria's Secret Unchecked Box Victoria's Secret (1)
Viktor & Rolf Unchecked Box Viktor & Rolf (4)
Vince Camuto Unchecked Box Vince Camuto (2)
Visconte Di Modrone Unchecked Box Visconte Di Modrone (1)
Vitabath Unchecked Box Vitabath (2)
Volupte Unchecked Box Volupte (1)
White Shoulders Unchecked Box White Shoulders (1)
Wings Unchecked Box Wings (1)
Woody's Unchecked Box Woody's (1)
Worth Unchecked Box Worth (1)
XOXO Unchecked Box XOXO (1)
Yann Bayaldi Unchecked Box Yann Bayaldi (1)
Yves De Sistelle Unchecked Box Yves De Sistelle (1)
Yves Saint Laurent Unchecked Box Yves Saint Laurent (18)
Zirh Unchecked Box Zirh (2)
ex'cla-ma'tion Unchecked Box ex'cla-ma'tion (2)

Parfums de Coeur - Perfume & Cologne

Find your favorite signature scent with Walgreens Perfume and Cologne selection. From perfume for women and cologne for men to skin care fragrances and gift sets, our product variety will give you plenty of choices when making your next big fragrance purchase. Whatever you want your scent to communicate to those around you, you'll find the right perfume or cologne to say it at Walgreens. READ MORE ABOUT PERFUME & COLOGNE ›

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Types of Perfume and Cologne

Generally, fragrances for women are referred to as perfume, while men's products are called cologne. While men's and women's fragrances vary in the moods they create, with cologne smelling more masculine and perfume more feminine, the same types of scent are available in both perfume and cologne collections. Fragrance is classified by how much of the liquid inside a bottle consists of the actual oils that contain the scent. Parfum is the strongest variety of fragrance with 15 to 30 percent of the liquid consisting of fragrance oils. Because it is so strong and rather expensive to make, parfum is not commonly used. Eau de parfum is a slightly less intense scent that is 10 to 15 percent oils. A lighter option is eau de toilette, which gets 5 to 10 percent of its volume from the scent components. Body spray is the lightest and has just a splash of scent oils. To choose the perfect type for your needs, consider how noticeable you would like the fragrance to be and how often you are willing to reapply it to keep its scent with you. Also, keep in mind that in hot weather, perfume and cologne are more noticeable, so you don't want to overdo it!

When you read descriptions of perfume and cologne, you'll often see references to the "notes" they contain. Notes are the scents that are combined to create the fragrance. Perfume and cologne typically contain three different types. The top note is the first thing that you notice about a scent, while the base note is sensed last but leaves a very lasting impression. The middle notes stay in place for about 2 hours after application and give the scent character. As you read Walgreens fragrance descriptions, remember that the top notes are what people will sense when they are with you briefly, while the base notes are what you'll smell as you continue to wear the fragrance throughout the day.

While perfume and cologne are the most commonly used types of fragrance, there are other ways to leave behind a pleasing scent. Body lotions moisturize the skin while adding fragrance, and our deodorants help to remove the unpleasant odors of perspiration and replace them with a cologne or perfume scent. Body powders that are perfumed can be used to control wetness that develops when you sweat. You can purchase many fragranced body and skin care products separately at Walgreens, and you'll also find these types of products in gift sets that come with a perfume or cologne.

Shop the Walgreens Perfume and Cologne selection now to find your favorite signature scent or purchase a new fragrance product to try or give as a gift. BACK TO TOP ›

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