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Blood Pressure Monitors Unchecked Box Blood Pressure Monitors (46)
Diabetic Monitors & Test Strips Unchecked Box Diabetic Monitors & Test Strips (24)
Heart Rate Monitors Unchecked Box Heart Rate Monitors (37)
Home Screening Tests Unchecked Box Home Screening Tests (34)
Manual Inflate Unchecked Box Manual Inflate (27)
Pregnancy Tests Unchecked Box Pregnancy Tests (28)
Scales & Body Fat Analyzers Unchecked Box Scales & Body Fat Analyzers (33)
Stethoscopes Unchecked Box Stethoscopes (83)
Thermometers Unchecked Box Thermometers (57)
Upper Arm Unchecked Box Upper Arm (31)

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3M Unchecked Box 3M (1)
A&D Unchecked Box A&D (2)
ADA CheckUp America Unchecked Box ADA CheckUp America (1)
ADG Unchecked Box ADG (2)
Accu-Chek Unchecked Box Accu-Chek (2)
Accu-Chek Aviva Unchecked Box Accu-Chek Aviva (1)
Accu-Chek Compact Unchecked Box Accu-Chek Compact (1)
Accu-Chek Nano Unchecked Box Accu-Chek Nano (1)
Accutrend Plus Unchecked Box Accutrend Plus (3)
Advocate Unchecked Box Advocate (3)
AlcoHAWK Unchecked Box AlcoHAWK (8)
AlcoHAWK Pro Unchecked Box AlcoHAWK Pro (1)
AlcoMate Unchecked Box AlcoMate (5)
Answer Unchecked Box Answer (2)
Apothecary Unchecked Box Apothecary (2)
At Home Unchecked Box At Home (4)
BACtrack Unchecked Box BACtrack (1)
BD Unchecked Box BD (1)
BGStar Unchecked Box BGStar (1)
BV Medical Unchecked Box BV Medical (16)
BabyConfirm Unchecked Box BabyConfirm (1)
Bayer Breeze Unchecked Box Bayer Breeze (1)
Bayer Contour Unchecked Box Bayer Contour (3)
Better Rest Solutions Unchecked Box Better Rest Solutions (1)
BodyMedia Fit Unchecked Box BodyMedia Fit (2)
Braun Unchecked Box Braun (5)
Choicemmed Unchecked Box Choicemmed (4)
CholesTrak Unchecked Box CholesTrak (1)
Cholestrak Unchecked Box Cholestrak (1)
Citizen Unchecked Box Citizen (2)
Citrus II Unchecked Box Citrus II (3)
Clearblue Unchecked Box Clearblue (12)
Clever Choice Unchecked Box Clever Choice (7)
Conair Unchecked Box Conair (2)
Confirm Biosciences Unchecked Box Confirm Biosciences (1)
DDC DNA Diagnostics Center Unchecked Box DDC DNA Diagnostics Center (1)
DNA-ID check Unchecked Box DNA-ID check (1)
Diastar Unchecked Box Diastar (1)
Drive Medical Unchecked Box Drive Medical (1)
DrugConfirm Unchecked Box DrugConfirm (4)
EZ DETECT Unchecked Box EZ DETECT (1)
EarCheck Unchecked Box EarCheck (1)
Escali Unchecked Box Escali (10)
Exergen Unchecked Box Exergen (2)
Fact Plus Unchecked Box Fact Plus (1)
Fairhaven Health Unchecked Box Fairhaven Health (1)
FertilAid For Men Unchecked Box FertilAid For Men (1)
FertilAid For Women Unchecked Box FertilAid For Women (1)
Fertile-Focus Unchecked Box Fertile-Focus (1)
FertileCM Unchecked Box FertileCM (1)
Fertili Tea Unchecked Box Fertili Tea (1)
First Response Unchecked Box First Response (8)
Fitbit Unchecked Box Fitbit (12)
Flambeau Unchecked Box Flambeau (1)
Geratherm Unchecked Box Geratherm (1)
Graco Unchecked Box Graco (1)
Hair Confirm Unchecked Box Hair Confirm (3)
Health Team Unchecked Box Health Team (1)
Health o meter Unchecked Box Health o meter (5)
Health-O-Meter Unchecked Box Health-O-Meter (1)
HealthSmart Unchecked Box HealthSmart (9)
HoMedics Unchecked Box HoMedics (9)
Home Access Unchecked Box Home Access (3)
IBGSTAR Unchecked Box IBGSTAR (1)
Identigene Unchecked Box Identigene (1)
IntelliGender Unchecked Box IntelliGender (1)
Jawbone Unchecked Box Jawbone (3)
John Bunn Unchecked Box John Bunn (2)
Kawe Unchecked Box Kawe (3)
Life Mask Unchecked Box Life Mask (1)
LifeSource Unchecked Box LifeSource (12)
LifeTrak Unchecked Box LifeTrak (2)
Littmann Unchecked Box Littmann (66)
Living Solutions Unchecked Box Living Solutions (1)
Lumex Unchecked Box Lumex (1)
Lumiscope Unchecked Box Lumiscope (5)
MOBI Technologies Inc Unchecked Box MOBI Technologies Inc (3)
Mabis Unchecked Box Mabis (21)
Mabis Healthcare Unchecked Box Mabis Healthcare (4)
Mabis MatchMates Unchecked Box Mabis MatchMates (6)
MedQuip Unchecked Box MedQuip (1)
Micro Touch One Unchecked Box Micro Touch One (1)
Microlife Unchecked Box Microlife (10)
NatureSpirit Unchecked Box NatureSpirit (3)
Nexcare Unchecked Box Nexcare (2)
North American Healthcare Unchecked Box North American Healthcare (1)
Omron Unchecked Box Omron (25)
OneTouch Unchecked Box OneTouch (10)
OneTouch Ultra 2 Unchecked Box OneTouch Ultra 2 (1)
OraQuick Unchecked Box OraQuick (1)
Ozeri Unchecked Box Ozeri (11)
Panasonic Unchecked Box Panasonic (4)
Pharmacist Choice Unchecked Box Pharmacist Choice (1)
Philips HeartStart Unchecked Box Philips HeartStart (4)
Physio Logic Unchecked Box Physio Logic (5)
Piccolight Unchecked Box Piccolight (1)
Polar Unchecked Box Polar (19)
PregnancyPlus Unchecked Box PregnancyPlus (1)
ProCheck Unchecked Box ProCheck (5)
Pyle Unchecked Box Pyle (3)
Q. Steps Biometer Unchecked Box Q. Steps Biometer (1)
Quest Unchecked Box Quest (2)
RESPeRATE Unchecked Box RESPeRATE (1)
Safety 1st Unchecked Box Safety 1st (3)
Scosche Unchecked Box Scosche (5)
Smart Health Unchecked Box Smart Health (1)
SpermCheck Fertility Unchecked Box SpermCheck Fertility (1)
Sterling Series Unchecked Box Sterling Series (1)
SteroidConfirm Unchecked Box SteroidConfirm (1)
Sunbeam Unchecked Box Sunbeam (1)
Sunset Healthcare Solutions Unchecked Box Sunset Healthcare Solutions (1)
Taylor Unchecked Box Taylor (1)
Taylor Precision Unchecked Box Taylor Precision (1)
The First Years Unchecked Box The First Years (2)
Thermofocus Unchecked Box Thermofocus (1)
ToConceive Unchecked Box ToConceive (1)
Touch & Know Unchecked Box Touch & Know (1)
TruChek Unchecked Box TruChek (2)
Veridian Healthcare Unchecked Box Veridian Healthcare (60)
Vicks Unchecked Box Vicks (5)
Walgreens Unchecked Box Walgreens (48)
Wavesense Unchecked Box Wavesense (1)
Weight Watchers Unchecked Box Weight Watchers (9)
Withings Unchecked Box Withings (1)
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Home Tests & Monitoring

Although you can sense symptoms of illness and disease, there are many aspects of your health that you cannot monitor or detect on your own. Fortunately, medical science has developed convenient ways to test for many conditions and to monitor chronic health care problems at home. The Walgreens Home Tests and Monitoring Products has a wide selection of home tests and monitoring supplies, including cholesterol tests, pregnancy tests, pedometers, and many more. READ MORE ABOUT HOME TESTS & MONITORING »

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601  Items

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Different Types of Home Tests & Monitoring

Having high blood pressure or hypertension puts you at an increased risk for both stroke and heart disease. It can often be difficult to tell how severe hypertension is or if medication is controlling it well just from a single doctor's visit. Your blood pressure levels can change throughout the day and can be elevated in your physician's office due to stress and worry. Using a blood pressure monitor at home to take daily readings can give your doctor a clearer picture of your health. Most blood pressure monitors are now fully automated, so you can simply slip them onto your arm and press a button to take a reading

Family planning is an important part of sexual health. If you wish to conceive, fertility monitors can help you determine when the best time to try is. These products monitor levels of hormones in your body and can tell when you are ovulating with rather high reliability. Think you may be pregnant already? Prompt prenatal care is important for both your health and your baby's. You can use a pregnancy test to determine with relatively high accuracy whether or not you are expecting to find out if you should contact an obstetrician. Typically, pregnancy tests cannot be used reliably until the first day of your missed period, so be sure to read the timing information carefully when selecting a test.

If you're diabetic, your body may not be able to keep your blood sugar levels within normal ranges on its own. Glucometers or blood glucose monitors can help you see how well you're managing your sugar levels. If you use insulin, the glucometer will help determine how large of a dose you should use. Your doctor will likely recommend a specific glucometer for you to use to track your blood sugar levels at home.

Walgreens has a number of other monitors and testing kits available to meet your needs. These include scales for body weight, pedometers to count the number of steps you take each day, thermometers for body temperature, alcohol and drug testing kits, paternity test kits and products for monitoring your cardiovascular health like cholesterol tests and stethoscopes.

Even the best of our Home Tests and Monitoring Products will not produce accurate results or readings if used incorrectly. If your doctor or another health practitioner has provided you with instructions on how to use a device or kit, be sure to use it as directed. Otherwise, read and follow the instructions that accompany the kit or monitor you purchase. In the event you discover that you are pregnant, have a disease, or are experiencing high blood pressure or blood sugar readings, be sure to contact your doctor as soon as possible. BACK TO TOP »

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