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Product Type
Abdominal Exercisers Unchecked Box Abdominal Exercisers (1)
Ace Brand Products Unchecked Box Ace Brand Products (1)
Adhesive or Liquid Bandages Unchecked Box Adhesive or Liquid Bandages (1)
African Mango Unchecked Box African Mango (3)
All Other Herbs Unchecked Box All Other Herbs (1)
Amino Acids Unchecked Box Amino Acids (1)
Appetite Control Unchecked Box Appetite Control (3)
Athletic Tape & Wraps Unchecked Box Athletic Tape & Wraps (1)
Bars Unchecked Box Bars (6)
CLA Unchecked Box CLA (1)
Citrin Unchecked Box Citrin (1)
Cold Compresses or Ice Bags, Reusable Unchecked Box Cold Compresses or Ice Bags, Reusable (1)
Creatine Unchecked Box Creatine (4)
Diet & Nutritional Drinks Unchecked Box Diet & Nutritional Drinks (1)
Diet & Weight Management Unchecked Box Diet & Weight Management (1)
Diet Aids Unchecked Box Diet Aids (3)
Diet and Weight Management Unchecked Box Diet and Weight Management (2)
Diet and Weight Management Snacks Unchecked Box Diet and Weight Management Snacks (1)
Dietary Supplements Unchecked Box Dietary Supplements (2)
Energy & Endurance Unchecked Box Energy & Endurance (3)
Energy Drinks Unchecked Box Energy Drinks (3)
Exercise Bikes Unchecked Box Exercise Bikes (1)
First Aid Kits Unchecked Box First Aid Kits (2)
Gauze, Dressing & Tape Unchecked Box Gauze, Dressing & Tape (1)
Green Coffee Bean Unchecked Box Green Coffee Bean (1)
Heart Rate Monitors Unchecked Box Heart Rate Monitors (7)
Heat Pad Unchecked Box Heat Pad (1)
Heating Pads - Electric Unchecked Box Heating Pads - Electric (2)
Hot & Cold Therapy Unchecked Box Hot & Cold Therapy (2)
Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Unchecked Box Joint & Muscle Pain Relief (1)
Meal Replacement Bars Unchecked Box Meal Replacement Bars (18)
Meal Replacement Drinks Unchecked Box Meal Replacement Drinks (6)
Meal Replacement Powders Unchecked Box Meal Replacement Powders (3)
Meal Replacement Shakes Unchecked Box Meal Replacement Shakes (1)
Oat Unchecked Box Oat (1)
Oximeters Unchecked Box Oximeters (1)
Pain Reliever/Sleep Aids Unchecked Box Pain Reliever/Sleep Aids (2)
Patches and Wraps Unchecked Box Patches and Wraps (1)
Pedometers Unchecked Box Pedometers (4)
Protein Unchecked Box Protein (3)
Protein Powders Unchecked Box Protein Powders (10)
Rice Protein Unchecked Box Rice Protein (1)
Scales & Body Fat Analyzers Unchecked Box Scales & Body Fat Analyzers (3)
Snack Bars Unchecked Box Snack Bars (2)
Specialty Supplements Unchecked Box Specialty Supplements (2)
Sports Drinks Unchecked Box Sports Drinks (1)
Sports Equipment Unchecked Box Sports Equipment (1)
Sports Supplements Unchecked Box Sports Supplements (1)
Sweeteners Unchecked Box Sweeteners (1)
Water Storage Container Unchecked Box Water Storage Container (1)
Weight Management Supplements Unchecked Box Weight Management Supplements (34)
Whey Protein Unchecked Box Whey Protein (8)
Yoga & Pilates Kits Unchecked Box Yoga & Pilates Kits (1)


Atkins Advantage Unchecked Box Atkins Advantage (12)
Atkins Endulge Unchecked Box Atkins Endulge (5)
Botanic Choice Unchecked Box Botanic Choice (14)
Jarrow Formulas Unchecked Box Jarrow Formulas (14)
Nature's Way Unchecked Box Nature's Way (12)
Omron Unchecked Box Omron (14)
Purely Inspired Unchecked Box Purely Inspired (9)
Six Star Unchecked Box Six Star (7)
Slim-Fast Unchecked Box Slim-Fast (11)
South Beach Diet Unchecked Box South Beach Diet (5)

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Special Values

Special Values
Auto-Reorder & Save Unchecked Box Auto-Reorder & Save
FSA Item Unchecked Box FSA Item
FSARx Item Unchecked Box FSARx Item

Designates items eligible for your Flexible Spending Account only with prescription.

Loyalty Points Eligible Unchecked Box Loyalty Points Eligible
New Item Unchecked Box New Item
Sale, BOGO & Rebates Checked Box Sale, BOGO & Rebates
Vitamin Angels Unchecked Box Vitamin Angels

Walgreens will donate 1% of every item purchased to Vitamin Angels and help 100 million children and mothers recieve life-changing vitamins by 2017.

Web Exclusive Unchecked Box Web Exclusive


Arthritis Unchecked Box Arthritis
Bumps and bruises Unchecked Box Bumps and bruises
Headaches Unchecked Box Headaches
Insect bites Unchecked Box Insect bites
Joint discomfort Unchecked Box Joint discomfort
Pain Unchecked Box Pain
Sore muscles Unchecked Box Sore muscles
Strains and sprains Unchecked Box Strains and sprains
Swelling Unchecked Box Swelling
Toothaches Unchecked Box Toothaches


1000 mg Unchecked Box 1000 mg
200 mg Unchecked Box 200 mg
300 mg Unchecked Box 300 mg
500 mg Unchecked Box 500 mg
700 mg Unchecked Box 700 mg

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