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Washable Mascaras

Whether you're wearing a barely-there natural look or a bold, dramatic look, eye makeup can greatly change your entire appearance. By calling attention to the shape and color of your eyes, you can show off your natural beauty and turn heads wherever you go. Getting makeup looks that wow, means having the right cosmetics on hand, and Walgreens makes stocking up on eye makeup essentials easy and affordable. READ MORE ABOUT EYE MAKEUP ›

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Types of Eye Makeup

Eye shadow accentuates the contours of your eyelids and brings out the beautiful hue of your eyes and face. To achieve your lovely look, follow these tips: Start by applying a light color all over your top lid. Add a darker color in the crease in a complementary shade. Then, you can add a third color to the outer corners of your eyes if you wish. You can also sweep a light-colored hue along the lash line under your eyes using one of many makeup brush options offered by Walgreens. When you're selecting eye shadow colors, pick shades that complement your skin tone, using warm colors like earth tones and peach to match warm undertones and cool colors like pinks, blues and purples. Try to pick colors that aren't a match for your eye color, avoiding blues for blues eyes, greens for green eyes and browns for brown eyes. This will help to create a beautiful contrast to make your eye color deeper and more noticeable.

In addition to choosing the right colors of eye shadow, you also need to ensure that you purchase the right type for your needs. The most common form of eye shadow is the pressed compact, which can contain one, two or several shades, like those offered by trusted brands such as CoverGirl and Maybelline This form of eyeshadow is easy to apply, but is slightly translucent, making it not as bright as other varieties. Walgreens also offers a vast assortment of powdered eye shadows. This type should be applied with an eye shadow brush. They can be messier to apply, but often contains stronger pigments than pressed formulas. Liquid and cream eye shadows provide the darkest color and can remain in place longer than powdered varieties. The right Walgreens Eye Makeup products can help you easily achieve special, bolder looks like the smoky eye.

By using the left navigation menu, you can browse an array of Walgreens eyeliner options to help complete your makeup look. Eyeliner is used to trace along the lash line and helps to make the shape of your eyes more bold and defined. You can use eyeliner all along the top and bottom lids or experiment by going just partway along the eyes to create different looks. Options available in Eyeliner Makeup Products include pencil and crayon eyeliners which are the perfect choice for easy control and handling, while liquid varieties provide darker, more prominent lines. The darker the color, the more dramatic your makeup look. True blacks are often best for nighttime, and soft blacks, grays, browns and colored eyeliners are better suited for day.

To put the finishing touch on your eye makeup look, you'll want to have a great mascara in your makeup bag. Mascara comes in different formulas and can give the illusion of longer lashes and thicker lashes. Waterproof mascara is made to stay in place even if you get caught in the rain or develop watery eyes. Just like eyeliner, mascara looks the most dramatic in true black. If you have light skin or you want a more natural daytime look, you can browse different hues like gray, black-brown, soft black or brown. Find all of your eye makeup needs to complete your unique look with Walgreens Eye Makeup Products. BACK TO TOP ›

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