The Facts about Vitamin C

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The Facts about Vitamin C

Vitamin C's major role is to make collagen, the main protein substance of the human body that holds connective tissues together in skin, bone, teeth and other parts of the body.

Vitamin C is also critical for the proper function of our immune system, for manufacturing certain nerve transmitting substances and hormones and for the absorption and utilization of other nutrients, such as vitamin E and iron.

Vitamin C is a very important and powerful antioxidant that works in the aqueous (water) environments of the body, such as the lungs and lens of the eye. Its primary antioxidant partners are vitamin E and the carotenes (beta-carotene), as well as working along with the antioxidant enzymes.

Vitamin C regenerates oxidized vitamin E, and restores the antioxidant potential of vitamin E in the body. In one study, C helped the body recycle vitamin E, resulting in an 18% increase of vitamin E in the body. Vitamin C is recommended to be part of a daily regimen for Women's Health, Men's Health, Family Health, Longevity, Heart Health, Winter Wellness, Prenatal, 4 Basic Vitamins, Immune Health, Smoking.

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