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Highlighting Tips

Get tips for highlighting your hair at home

Your creativity needs no limits when it comes to designing your perfect look with a few highlights. To make this experience easy and fun and to always achieve perfect results, keep these tips in mind.

Cap It
If you are obsessed with precision or are highlighting your hair yourself for the first time, the cap can be an excellent tool. You can choose the exact strands you want lightened, pull them through the holes in the cap, and apply the highlighting mixture. By keeping the majority of your hair covered, the cap acts like a safety net to ensure that color will go only where you want it to.

Paint On
To achieve different sizes of highlights, use an application brush or wand to place mixture directly on pieces of your hair. Simply pull sections of your hair away from the rest of your head, dip the applicator in the mixture, and smooth it over the strands. With an application brush or wand, you can create customized looks - from soft and subtle to bold and vibrant.

Leave the Foil at the Salon
Salon professionals wrap your hair in foil when highlighting, but using foil at home is no simple task. When you are doing your own color, the wands and brushes included in the kits are actually easier to use and more effective.

Turn the Heat Down
Although heat is sometimes used at the salon, don't try it at home. After applying the color mixture, don't blow-dry your hair to increase the lightening process or you might end up with uneven, over-processed, or damaged hair, or even skin irritation.

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