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Your digestive health can be affected by everything from medical conditions to less than--healthful diets and daily emotional stress. While this website can't make them all go away, it can point you toward products and lifestyle changes that will help you feel better.

Q: What can I do about frequent diarrhea?
A: Gradually adding more fiber and probiotics to your diet can help lessen the severity and duration.

Q: How can I treat pressure and bloating from gas?
A: Help treat or prevent gas with an over-the-counter medication--a Walgreens pharmacist can recommend one that's right for you.

Q: Why should I take fiber?
A: A high-fiber diet (20-35 grams per day) can help lower blood cholesterol levels, prevent constipation and make you feel full faster.

Q: What are some symptoms of constipation?
A: The main symptom is stool that's hard, infrequent and requires significant effort to pass.

Q: When should I use a laxative?
A: Laxatives are appropriate for short-term relief, but you may want to increase your fiber intake, either with food or a supplement, for long-term digestive health.

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