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Pain Relievers & Sleep Aids

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or the occasional headache, we're here to help. Buy the products you need at Walgreens.

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You don't have to live with pain. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, the occasional headache, or just need a good night's sleep, we're here to help. The following answers to customers' most common questions will help you determine which products and natural remedies may be right for you.

Q: Can aspirin really help my heart?
A: Daily aspirin therapy is recommended only for patients who've had, or are at high risk for, a heart attack or stroke. If you meet this profile, begin an aspirin regimen only with your doctor's approval.

Q: What's causing my arthritis?
A: Arthritis results when joint cartilage begins to wear away, causing bones to rub together. Certain conditions can increase your risk, including aging, excess weight, repeatedly overworking joints and inactivity.

Q: What can help relieve my minor arthritis and joint pain?
A: In addition to taking an over-the-counter pain reliever, consider massage to increase blood flow and relieve symptoms.

Q: How can I prevent my recurring backaches?
A: You can help your posture and reduced pain by remembering to stand up straight, as well as switching your purse or briefcase from one side of your body to the other.

Q: Can anything besides medication relieve minor aches and pains?
A: Eat fruits and vegetables that contain anti-inflammatory agents such as spinach, broccoli, blueberries and apples.

Q: Is getting enough sleep really that important?
A: Insufficient sleep contributes to chronic conditions including diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Just one extra hour of sleep goes a long way toward helping you stay healthy.

Q: What can I do to relieve my aches and pains to sleep better?
A: A warm bath before bedtime can provide relief. You can also try a nighttime pain reliever specially formulated to ease you into sleep.

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