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Walgreens Ready Response"
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Prescription service any time day or night

Walgreens understands the important role caregivers have. Managing your loved one's prescriptions can seem overwhelming. How do you as a caregiver know how much of each prescription to give, or when? What if different doctors prescribe medications that interact with each other? For questions such as these, turn to your Walgreens pharmacy.

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Walgreens offers these free services:

Walgreens offers these free services:

Auto refills

Touch-tone refills

Online refills

Convenience you can count on

Prescription service any time -- day or night

The most drive-thru pharmacies nationwide


90-day prescriptions

Especially for caregivers

 Medication Consultation

  • Recommend services to help you to stay on track with prescription refills
  • Inform you of possible harmful reactions between prescriptions and over-the-counter supplements
  • Serve as a liaison between patient and doctor
  • Educate about potential medication side effects
  • Explain the proper use of a pill box



Your medications. Pre-sorted. Delivered in 1 box.

  • This is a free service. Just pay $7.99 shipping and handling per month.
  • Includes your prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and vitamins
  • Automatically screened for drug interactions
  • Comparatively priced.
  • No reminders to remember. No bottles to juggle.
  • A 30-day supply is delivered to you every month.
  • Make one call. We'll take care of it all.
Learn more about DailyMed®

Additional resource assistance

  • Help you locate home-care equipment
  • Provide educational materials
  • Help you prepare a list of questions to ask the doctor
  • Refer you to nearby assisted living and hospice centers

Prescription Service Guide

Just download the Prescription Service Questionnaire, fill it out and bring it to your Walgreens pharmacist.

Download the free Prescription Service Guide

Medication Report

After enrolling in the services recommended by the personalized report, you will receive free medication reports to discuss with your Walgreens pharmacist. These reports demonstrate how effective these services have been in helping manage your care recipient's medications. The report includes your care recipient's medication and refill profiles, as well as the pharmacist's recommended goals.

Medication Manager

This free personalized chart identifies all your care recipient's day-to-day medications, providing a brief description, medication strength and dosage instructions. It's also a great place to record additional over-the-counter medications and results of daily readings to discuss with your Walgreens pharmacist on your next visit.

Download the Medication Manager

Medicare Part D prescription insurance

If your care recipient is eligible for Medicare, tell us the prescriptions they currently take and get a free report to help you choose the Medicare Part D prescription insurance plan that's best for them. Ask in our pharmacy or visit our Medicare Facts page. We accept all major plans.

Visit Medicare Facts

Prescription discount programs

If your care recipient has limited or no prescription insurance and does not qualify for Medicare, a discount program may still be available. Just talk to your Walgreens pharmacist -- our free report will tell you which available programs cover the majority of their medications.*

Email reminders

Refill Reminders: With this free service, you'll never have to worry about when to refill a prescription for your care recipient. We'll send you a friendly email reminder when your maintenance prescriptions are due for a refill and provide you a direct link to to fill them.

Personal Reminders: You can set up unlimited Personal Reminder Emails to help you remember events like doctor appointments, anniversaries and birthdays.

Set up email reminders now

Refill services that make it easy


Auto refills

A great service if your care recipient takes the same medication every month, especially if their prescriptions must be filled on different days of the month. Sign up in-store or online, and we'll automatically refill each prescription a few days before it runs out and then call or email you when it's ready.

Sign up for auto refills

Touch-tone refills

To order a refill, just call your Walgreens pharmacy and enter the required prescription information and pickup time using the keypad on your phone. We'll even call to remind you it's ready.

Online refills

Visit any time, from any computer. Tell us which prescription you need refilled and where and when you'd like to pick it up. Even have it shipped right to your home with free standard shipping!

Refill a prescription now


Convenience you can count on


Prescription service any time day or night

Caregivers are on call around the clock -- and so is Walgreens. Even if your regular Walgreens pharmacy closes at night, there's probably a 24-hour pharmacy nearby. We have over 1,500 locations that never close.

Find a 24-hour location near you

The most drive-thru pharmacies nationwide

When the weather's bad or you're on the go, just stop by one of our drive-thru pharmacies, pick up your care recipient's prescriptions and quickly be on your way. Works great with ExpressPay!

Find a drive-thru location near you


With ExpressPay, you can have your care recipient's prescriptions automatically and securely billed to any credit card or checking account, including theirs. So prescription will be ready and waiting -- no cards to swipe or checks to write. Works great even if you don't live in the same town as the person you care for! Sign up online or at your local Walgreens.

Sign up for ExpressPay

90-day prescriptions

If your care recipient receives a 90-day prescription supply by mail order, many insurance plans will let them order the same three-month supply at Walgreens pharmacies. You won't wait for delivery and can take advantage of face-to-face consultation with a Walgreens pharmacist.

Contact your Walgreens pharmacy for details

Free Shipping

Enjoy the convenience of free standard shipping anytime you order your prescriptions with us. Just tell us where you want them delivered and we'll get them to you for absolutely no charge.

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*Information provided by Walgreens is not a substitute for your own research concerning your healthcare, including Medicare.