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Can you use over-the-counter medicines to treat ringworm?


Ringworm (tinea corporis) can be treated by over the counter topical creams such as miconazole nitrate 1% (Micatin«), clotrimazole 2% (Lotrimin AF«), terbinafine 1% (Lamisil AT«), tolnaftate 1% (Tinactin«), and undecylenic acid. Additionally non-drug ringworm treatments include wearing loose clothing and avoiding synthetic, non-breathable fabrics or elastic that retain heat and moisture. Wash contaminated bedding and clothing, avoid health clubs and contaminated showers or any other possible sources of reinfection. For severe ringworm breakouts, prescription oral tablets or topical creams are the recommended treatments. If your symptoms do not improve or remove themselves entirely within two weeks of milder over-the-counter treatments, see a doctor for a stronger prescription ringworm remedy.

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