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What is Drysol?


Drysol« (aluminum chloride hexahydrate) is a prescription medication commonly prescribed for excessive sweating. A fairly common problem, excessive sweating can be limited to the armpits, but often affects the palms and soles of the feet as well. Once a person has tried several different kinds of over-the-counter antiperspirants without success, doctors often recommend Drysol«.

Drysol« effectiveness

Drysol« is reported to work in 80% of the people who use it for excessive sweating. Doctors generally recommend applying it to problem areas after drying the skin completely. Wearing it only at bedtime and then washing it off in the morning with plain water reduces the chance of skin irritation. Generally, treatment is repeated nightly until sweating is under control. This may happen after just two or more treatments. Thereafter, you can apply Drysol« once or twice weekly or as needed.

Drug warnings

Drysol« has not reported to interfere or interact with other medications. However, it should not be used with other antiperspirants or deodorants. Drysol« should not be applied to broken, irritated, or recently shaved skin. Once the excessive sweating has stopped, you can try using your regular underarm products again.

Drysol« side effects

The side effects of Drysol« can include skin irritation, rash, and itching. If these side effects occur, you should stop using Drysol« or consult with your doctor. The irritation usually goes away when treatment with Drysol« is stopped. Also be aware that Drysol« may stain certain fabrics and metals that come in contact with the medication.

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