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What is Rogaine?


Rogaine« (minoxidil) is a medicated lotion used to treat baldness or hair loss. It's available in 2% and 5% (lotion and foam) solutions that are applied to the scalp. In 1988, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Rogaine« for the treatment of hereditary male pattern baldness. The 2% solution is also approved for female pattern hair loss. To use Rogaine«, apply it directly to hair-loss areas of the scalp twice daily. In medical research studies, 40% to 75% of men who used Rogaine« for 12 months reported new hair growth. Among women who used it for eight months, 46% to 60% grew new hair.

Most common side effects

The most commonly reported side effects of Rogaine« are itching and irritation on the treated areas of the scalp. Pregnant or nursing women should not use Rogaine«. Also, people who are age 18 or younger should not use this product unless directed by a doctor. If you don't have a family history of hair loss, or if your hair loss is patchy or sudden, check with your doctor before trying Rogaine«.

Drug interactions with Rogaine«

There are several drug interactions with Rogaine« and none of these drugs should be used with Rogaine«. Do not use Rogaine« with topical corticosteroids, tretinoin (Renova« and Retin-A«), or petrolatum (Vaseline«). These products may increase the absorption of Rogaine« into the skin, increasing the risk of side effects. Currently there are no known significant interactions with Rogaine« and other drugs or herbal treatments.

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