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Thyroid Conditions

Levothyroxine and Supplements: Can levothyroxine be taken with food, vitamins, iron, or other minerals?

Levothyroxine: How do you take levothyroxine?

Urinary Tract Health

Urinary Tract Infections: Are there any over-the-counter treatments for a UTI?

Cranberry Juice: Does drinking cranberry juice prevent urinary tract infections?


Pharmacist Immunizers: Are pharmacists permitted to give vaccinations besides the flu shot?

Flu Vaccine: How long does it take for the flu vaccine to work?

Gardasil: What is Gardasil and who should get the HPV vaccine?

Shingles: What is shingles and how can it be prevented?

Viral Infections

Genital Wart Treatment: Are there any treatments for genital warts?

Genital Warts: What are genital warts?

Interferons: What are interferons and are there any side effects?

Ribavirin: What are the side effects of ribavirin?

Gardasil: What is Gardasil and who should get the HPV vaccine?

Vitamins and Supplements

Calcium Risks and Interactions: Are there any risks in using calcium supplements?

Lycopene Risks & Interactions: Are there any risks in using lycopene?

Evening Primrose: Are there side effects or drug interactions for evening primrose?

Zinc: Does taking zinc really cure the common cold?

Vitamin K: Does Vitamin K interact with warfarin?

Blood Thinners: Do some herbal medications interact with blood thinners?

Prenatal Vitamins: How can I pick a prenatal vitamin for me and my baby? How much folic acid should I take?

Calcium Supplementation: How can I take calcium?

Lycopene Dosing Information: How can I take lycopene?

Calcium Effectiveness: How do calcium supplements work?

Garlic Products: How do I choose a garlic product?

Iron Supplements: How do I choose between iron supplements?

Vitamin A Dose Information: How do I take vitamin A?

Vitamin Overdose: Is it possible to take too many vitamins?

Citrate or Carbonate: What's the difference between calcium citrate and calcium carbonate?

Calcium: What are calcium supplements?

Ginseng: What are common uses and side effects of ginseng?

Fish Oil: What are fish oil supplements?

Phytoestrogens: What are phytoestrogens?

Calcium Supplements: What are the recommended daily amounts of calcium?

Vitamin A Risks: What are the risks of taking vitamin A?

Flaxseed: What are the side effects of flaxseed?

Metabolife: What are the side effects of Metabolife?

SAM-e: What are the side effects of SAM-e?

Valerian: What are the side effects of valerian?

Wild Yam: What are the side effects of wild yam?

Niacin side effects: What are Vitamin B3 or niacin's side effects?

Probiotics: What exactly are probiotics?

Acai: What is acai?

Homeopathic Drugs: What is a homeopathic drug and are homeopathic drugs safe?

Antioxidants: What is an antioxidant?

Androstenedione: What is androstenedione?

Black Cohosh: What is black cohosh?

Chitosan: What is chitosan?

Cholestin: What is Cholestin?

Chromium: What is Chromium?

Coenzyme Q10: What is Coenzyme Q10 and is it safe?

Conjugated linoleic acid: What is conjugated linoleic acid?

Creatine: What is Creatine used for and are there any side effects?

DHEA: What is DHEA used for and are there any side effects?

Dong Quai: What is dong quai?

Echinacea: What is Echinacea and are there any side effects?

Garlic: What is garlic used for and are there any side effects?

Gingko: What is gingko used for and are there any side effects?

Grape Seed Extract: What is grape seed extract used for?

Horse Chestnut: What is horse chestnut?

Kava Kava: What is kava kava?

Lycopene: What is lycopene?

Melatonin: What is melatonin?

Milk Thistle: What is milk thistle?

Red Yeast Rice: What is red yeast rice?

Saw Palmetto: What is saw palmetto?

Soy: What is soy?

St. Johns Wort: What is St. John's wort?

Vitamin A: What is Vitamin A and what does it do?

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