Gift Cards. The Perfect Gift for Everyone.

With hundreds to choose from,
your local Walgreens carries
a wide selection of gift cards.

Whether it?s for shopping, entertainment, dining
or apparel- the perfect gift is right within your reach.

Available in preset amounts or choose your own.

Find a Store

Shop Walgreens for a variety of gift cards including: iTunes, Borders,Old Navy, Spa Finder, Applebee's, American Express, Visa, Gamestop, Dell, JC Penny, and Lowe's.
Find a Store

Cards are activated at time of purchase.
No expiration or dormancy fees. Gift card availability varies by store.
To learn about the availability of a specific gift card, visit your local Walgreens.

* Activation fee required for American Express and Visa cards.
American Express and Visa cards are not available in Vermont.