History of Happy Harry's

Harry Levin opened his first store in Wilmington, Delaware in 1962, simply called "Discount Center." Many of the patrons of that store called him "Happy," for his warm and happy personality. In 1965 upon opening his third store, he renamed the company "Happy Harry's Discount Drugs."

Prior to the company's 25th Anniversary, Harry Levin passed away and his son Alan Levin became president and CEO. Happy Harry's was Delaware's largest drug store chain. There are 75 locations in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.

On June 5, 2006 Alan Levin announced a merger with the Walgreen Company in Deerfield, Illinois — another successful, family-founded pharmacy chain. The merger with Walgreens will soon mean expanded pharmacy and photo services, and a nationwide network of over 5,200 pharmacies for Happy Harry's patients and customers.

Happy Harry's
1962 - Harry Levin. Today - Alan Levin and corporate headquarters.