Why does my printer still show a low ink level after the cartridge was refilled?
Many cartridges have an electronic signature that enable your printer to read the ink levels. Since the refilled cartridge has the same electronic signature, your printer might still recognize the cartridge as being empty.

Try opening and closing the printer?the computer might ask if you have replaced your ink. Or, go to the printer tool bar to manually reset the ink setting to full, to turn off the low ink message or to select the option that says ?new cartridge? if available. As a last resort, you can continue printing even with the low ink message.
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  Why should I print a test page?
The purpose of a test page is to check that text and graphics are printing correctly. Usually, a test page also shows extra information such as the driver software version which might be needed to troubleshoot any problems. Printing a test page ensures that any excess ink in the nozzles gets cleaned out.

Since printers do not recognize a refilled cartridge as new, your printer won?t automatically print a test page. It is a good idea to print a test page before you continue with your everyday printing.
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  How many times can a printer cartridge be refilled?
On average 4?6 times, but some printer cartridges can be refilled more if they are kept in good condition.
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  What can I do to help keep my printer cartridge  refillable?
Refill your cartridge as soon as you see streaks or out-of-balance color. If you let the ink run out entirely before refilling your cartridge, it can burn out the print head which will limit how many times it can be refilled.

Store your inkjet cartridges with the print head down to help keep the print head moist. Also, always bring your inkjet cartridge in to be refilled as soon as possible after removing it from the printer. This will prevent the ink from drying and damaging your cartridge.
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   Will using refilled cartridges void the printer manufacturer's warranty?
No. Using refilled printer cartridges will not void the printer manufacturer's warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 prevents original manufacturers from, as a condition of the warranty, requiring the use of their printer cartridge.
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   Will the print quality be the same as with a new printer  cartridge?
Yes. Our refill process employs the highest quality inks and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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  How much time does it take to refill a printer  cartridge?
Our in-store refill service takes as little as one hour and in some cases, can even be done while you wait, depending on system capacity and availability. If you are in a hurry, please call your store directly to find out your estimated wait time
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1. When your computer alerts you that the cartridge is low on ink, refill it immediately. Continuing to print may damage your print head.

2. Place your cartridge in a clip or bag after removing it from your printer.

3. Store your cartridge at room temperature and avoid exposure to extreme conditions

4. Bring your cartridge back to Walgreens for high-quality, low-cost refills. Call 1-800-WALGREENS or go to Walgreens.com for convenient locations near you ? many open 24 hours.

5. Turn your printer off at night or when not in use to extend the life of your cartridge and conserve energy

6. Avoid touching or scratching the cartridge circuitry (usually located on back or side), as this may damage the cartridge?s performance.

7. It?s best not to use any adhesive (such as packaging or sticky tape including the original tape) to seal the cartridge. Doing so will mix the colors inside the cartridge and/or damage the print head.

8. From time to time, run the printer?s head-cleaner program to keep the cartridge clean and moist.

9. In order for your printer to recognize the filled cartridge, you may need to reset the printer and/or select the option that says ?new cartridge.? This will make sure the printer knows the cartridge is full of ink and ready to print

10. If your newly refilled cartridge is not going to be used immediately, place it right side up and store it at room temperature