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Eat Healthy over the Holidays.

Eat Healthy over the Holidays 

Festive foods and home-cooked dinners ring in the holiday season like nothing else. However, holiday meals can add to the waistline, destroying months of hard work to stay fit. Learn from blogger Rachel Warren how to enjoy the holidays while eating healthy and staying well.

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Fend Off Frostbite & Protect Your Skin.

Fend Off Frostbite & Protect Your Skin 

Winter is full of fun outdoor activities like sledding and skiing. When temperatures drop low enough frostbite can become a real threat. Don't let frostbite sneak up on you with these great tips to keep you safe in the snow.

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9 Healthier Food Choices.

9 Healthier Food Choices 

Sticking to a diet is tough when deliciously decadent foods surround us every day. Nine easy food substitutions can replace unhealthy options with choices that taste just as good, but won't derail your journey to fitness.

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Toast to Your Health with Red Wine.

Toast to Your Health with Red Wine 

Let loose at the holiday party this year. A glass of red wine now and then may actually be good for you, as scientific studies have shown light-to-moderate wine drinkers are less likely to develop heart disease than non-drinkers or heavy drinkers.

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Walk Through the Winter! Stay Active in the Cold.

Walk Through the Winter! Stay Active in the Cold 

Walk to burn off stress & calories or bond with loved ones while you stay fit! Learn how you can be active this winter to stay well as the temperatures drop.

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Pharmacist FAQ

 Ring in the holiday season with these delightfully warm dishes!

Cranberry Salsa Artichoke Cranberry Stuffing

Q: When I read about Medicare Part D, I keep seeing the word "formulary." What does that mean?

A: A formulary is a list of prescription drugs that are covered by a Medicare Part D plan. Drugs listed on the formulary are sometimes called "eligible drugs." A formulary may also be called a "preferred-drug list" (PDL) or a "select drug list."

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Q: Where do leg cramps come from and how can I avoid them?

A: Leg cramps, or as they are sometimes known as Charley Horses, typically happens after exercise or at night. They can result from muscle strain or overuse, nerve malfunctions, dehydration, decreased minerals or an overall lack of minerals like calcium and potassium in your body or a lack of blood getting to the muscle.

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