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Fighting the Flu: Be Prepared!

Fighting the Flu: Be Prepared! 

Walgreens pharmacists are prepared to help you fight the flu this season with immunizations and expert care. The flu is a highly-contagious virus that causes symptoms in the nose, throat, and lungs and spreads through the coughs and sneezes of people currently infected. It can be contracted by inhaling air containing the virus or by touching a surface contaminated with the virus and not washing your hands.

Learn how to protect yourself and the ones you love from the flu with these helpful tips:

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How Well Are You Managing Diabetes?

How well are you managing diabetes?  

November is National Diabetes Month so now is the perfect time to learn about all the great ways Walgreens helps make it easy to manage diabetes. Year round, Walgreens offers the help and guidance you need to maintain a healthy diet, stay active, receive health tests and get expert advice. Plus, from November 11  17, select Walgreens are offering FREE A1C tests.

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New! Visit Our Diabetes Center.

NEW! Visit Our Diabetes Center  

Visit our NEW! Diabetes Center for helpful tips on exercising, dieting, cooking and more. This is your new one-stop resource for the tools you need to achieve a happy and healthy life.

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Medicare Part D Annual Enrollment: October 15 - Dec.7.

Medicare Part D Annual Enrollment: Oct 15 - Dec 7  

What is Medicare Part D? It's a prescription insurance plan run by Medicare, so anyone who's eligible for Medicare healthcare is also eligible for Part D. Similar to Medicare Parts B and C, you can choose whether or not to enroll and pay a monthly premium. The annual enrollment period for 2013 is October 15 to December 7.

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Stay Active this Autumn!

Stay Active this Autumn! 

Even though summer is ending it's important to stay active during the cold weather months. Here are helpful tips on staying healthy as we welcome the new season:

Recipes Corner
Ask a Pharmacist

 Fall into the season with these delicious recipes:

Artichoke - Cranberry Stuffing Holiday Wassail

Q: Is there any way to lessen the pain from blood glucose testing?

A: Many diabetes patients would describe the blood glucose monitoring experience as a pinprick or pinch with very slight pain. A lancet (special needle) is used to produce a very small amount of blood for testing the person's blood glucose level. These lancets are usually spring loaded and/or adjustable to reduce pain. In addition, some newer models of blood glucose monitors allow testing on areas of the body other than the fingertips Continue reading »

Q: What is alternate site testing?

A: The term alternate site testing (AST) means using parts of the body other than the fingertips to obtain blood for blood glucose testing. Alternate site testing offers fingertip protection and less pain. Alternate site testing areas can be the upper arm, thigh, calf and the fleshy parts of the hand.

Various blood glucose meters offer alternate site testing in addition to finger-stick testing. Our blood glucose meter comparison chart shows which meters allow AST. Continue reading »

Joslin Diabetes Center

Joslin Diabetes Center experts answer commonly asked questions about diabetes monitoring, treatment, self-care, meal planning and more.

Q: What can I eat? What can't I eat?

Food selection for people with diabetes is much easier than in the past. That's because we now know that there is no need for a "diabetic diet." People with diabetes canand shouldeat the same foods as people without diabetes. Focus on eating fruits; vegetables; whole-grain foods; nuts & seeds; skim or low-fat; lean meat, poultry, and fish; and heart-healthy fats, such as trans-fat-free margarine, olive or canola oil. Learn to limit fruit juices, regular soda, sports drinks and other beverages with carbohydrates because they contain a lot of calories. Continue reading »

Q: My husband constantly tells me how to care for my diabetes. I know he means well, but he's not being helpful. What can I say?

It sounds like your husband cares about you very much and wants to help you stay healthy. That said, however, many people with diabetes find that well-meaning family members, friends, and even coworkers try so hard to be helpful that they instead end up causing frustration and making self-care efforts more difficult. These people are sometimes referred to as the "diabetes police." Continue reading »

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