Flavoring FAQ


Flavoring FAQ

Q: What types of medications can be flavored?

A: Liquid medications such as syrups, solutions and suspensions can be flavored. These medications include liquid medications or powders made by a manufacturer require mixing with water by a pharmacy staff.

Q: Why are some flavors not listed for a particular medication?

A: We don't offer a complete list because some flavors produce a dreadful taste or affect the medication itself. Review our flavor guide to see which flavors would mix best with your medication.

Q: Is flavoring just for kids?

A: No, anyone can have their medication flavored. Children, adults and older patients may find flavoring improves the taste of their medication-making it easier to take. All FLAVORx products are sugar-free, and the sweeting enhancer is natural.

Most patients with food sensitivities will find it's safe to use FLAVORx. Patients sensitive to certain dyes; however, should not use the vanilla flavor.

Q: Is flavoring FSA eligible?

A: Yes.