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We exceed national benchmarks for quality care

You can feel confident that you will receive an accurate evaluation and expert care whenever you visit Healthcare Clinic. As part of our quality improvement program, Healthcare Clinic uses a tool known as HEDIS. HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) is a set of healthcare quality standards developed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. HEDIS is used by hospitals, physician offices and clinics across the country to measure the quality of care they provide. Learn more at ›

Sore Throat
Sore ThroatChildren who are prescribed an antibiotic for a sore throat (pharyngitis) should test positive for strep. This score measures the percentage of children ages 2-18 who appropriately received a group A streptococcus (strep) test when prescribed an antibiotic for pharyngitis. A higher score indicates better performance.   
Upper Respiratory Infection
Upper Respiratory InfectionAn overwhelming number of clinical studies have shown that antibiotics are overused for children with viral Upper Respiratory Infections (URI), which antibiotics do not effectively treat. This score measures the percentage of children 18 months to 18 years of age who were diagnosed and appropriately treated for a URI. A higher score indicates better performance.   
Acute BronchitisAntibiotics are also overused for adults with acute bronchitis. Most cases of bronchitis are viral and do not require an antibiotic. This score measures the percentage of adults ages 18-64 who were diagnosed and appropriately treated for bronchitis. A higher score indicates better performance.   
National Benchmark Score
(out of a possible 100)
86 91 37
Atlanta Area 99 98 73
Chicago Area 98 98 53
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Area 98 97 69
Cleveland/Akron Area 99 99 59
Columbus Area 96 94 55
Denver/Boulder-Longmont Area 97 95 66
Houston Area 98 99 72
Indianapolis Area 96 100 68
Jacksonville Area 99 99 73
Kansas City Area 99 99 68
Knoxville Area 98 99 74
Las Vegas Area 89 97 83
Louisville/Southern Indiana Area 98 98 78
Memphis/Northern Mississippi Area 96 95 87
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Area 98 98 54
Milwaukee Area 93 98 48
Nashville Area 98 98 49
New Orleans/Northshore Area 99 93 80
Orlando Area 96 98 74
Philadelphia Tri-State Area 89 99 78
Phoenix Area 95 97 74
Pittsburgh Area 98 100 53
St. Louis Area 99 99 79
Tampa Bay Area 97 98 79
Topeka/Lawrence Area 95 99 66
Tucson Area 95 100 76
Washington DC Area 100 0 88
West Palm Beach/Ft. Lauderdale Area 98 99 93
Wichita Area 98 100 85

Data based on 12 months ended March 1, 2012

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