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HIV-Specialized Pharmacy Services

We Know HIV/AIDS Medication Therapy, but we also know you're looking to simplify your busy life.

Our pharmacists offer complete, compassionate care for your individual needs now and in the years ahead. You can rely on us for expert guidance in managing HIV and vaccines to help you avoid illness.1

HIV-Specialized Network

We have over 700 HIV-specialized Walgreens pharmacies across the United States and Puerto Rico.

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Medications & Financial Assistance

We can help find financial assistance to cover some of your HIV-related treatment.

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Additional HIV Services

Help fight infections with immunizations and manage your health with health tests. Know your status with an HIV test.2

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Well Beyond HIV

The Well Beyond HIVTM campaign celebrates the lives of older adults living with HIV.

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Confidential HIV/AIDS Support
HIV-Specialized Care

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greater than AIDS

Walgreens is a proud partner of the Greater Than AIDS campaign.

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1 Vaccines subject to availability. Not all vaccines available in all locations. State-, age- and health-related restrictions may apply.

2 Testing provided by health departments and AIDS organizations.