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Generate a custom online report that compares prescription drug plans in your area, including premiums, co-pays and deductibles. 2, 3

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If you or someone you care for is on Medicare, Walgreens offers savings and convenience, both in-store and online. Save time with online prescription refills, get refill reminders, track immunizations, and more. Sign up for an online pharmacy account to take advantage of all our convenient services.

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Walgreens services

Besides saving you money on prescription copays, your Walgreens pharmacy provides a full range of services to make life a little easier. We offer Medicare-covered clinical care such as immunizations, health screenings and more free resources.

Take advantage of Walgreens immunization services! We accept Medicare Part B and D plans which cover vaccines for flu, pneumonia and shingles. Our immunization-trained pharmacists can make personal vaccine recommendations and bill your insurance directly.

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In addition to Part D prescription savings, all Walgreens pharmacies are accredited to sell and bill Medicare Part B for diabetes testing supplies.1 Learn more about what we offer.

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Your Walgreens pharmacy takes the hassle out of managing your prescriptions with easy-open caps, large print labels and more.

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At Walgreens, we understand that managing your loved one's prescriptions can seem overwhelming. To help you as you help others, we offer comprehensive medication reviews, refill reminders, an extensive drug information guide and more.

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1 Medicare Part B and supplemental insurance is only billable in stores.

2 Information provided by Walgreens is not a substitute for your own research concerning your health care, including Medicare prescription drug plans.

3 Plans are insured or covered by a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract and/or a Medicare-approved Part D sponsor. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plans contract renewal with Medicare. The benefit information provided is a brief summary, not a complete description of benefits. For more information, contact the plan. Limitations, copayments, and restrictions may apply. (Benefits, formulary, pharmacy network, provider network, premium and/or co-payments/co-insurance) may change on January 1 of each year. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium.