Medication Safety 10-Point Safeguard Check

Walgreens 10-POINT SAFEGUARD CHECK. It's not just about your prescription; it's about you.
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A 10-point checklist for medication safety

Our 10-point medication safety check is a promise we'll review every prescription order for accuracy and safety. We'll do everything we can to reduce medication errors, so you can focus on getting well sooner.

Our pharmacy staff will:

  1. Verify your contact information.
  2. Enter your prescription order accurately into our computer system.
  3. Thoroughly review your health record for known allergies.
  4. Identify potential drug interactions with any over-the-counter medication you may take.
  5. Evaluate your current prescription(s) for potential harmful interactions.
  6. Make sure the drug dosage and strength is right for you.
  7. Ensure your refill is on schedule.
  8. Inspect the medication and scan the container
  9. Electronically ensure all previous safety steps were completed.
  10. Answer your questions and review instructions.