Fertility Services - First Order Review

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First Order Review

Our First Order Review (FOR) program is designed to help minimize the anxiety you may face when self-administering fertility medications. This service gives you direct access, at no additional cost, to a nurse with more than a decade of fertility pharmacy experience. Our nurse will provide you with compassionate support and the level of care tailored to your specific needs. We offer:

How it works

The day your medication arrives a fertility nurse will call you for a personal phone consultation to:

  • Help you review the contents of your fertility medication order
  • Help you understand the purpose of each item, and how the medication is to be administered and stored
  • Help you with any medication questions you may have

We understand how difficult or overwhelming this time in your life may be. Being able to discuss your concerns with a clinical expert in the comfort of your own home may decrease some of the stress related to your treatment.

For more information please email us at: forces@walgreens.com