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Meet our little spirits and learn how they can help make your Halloween frightfully fun!
Jackie Lantern
Jackie Lantern says:

"Create Creepy Crepe-y Streamers."

Cut out bat and ghost shapes from construction paper and staple them to twisted orange and black crepe streamers.

Hang them from the ceiling and watch your creatures move in a scary swirl!

Oops! says:
"Trick and Treat Safely."

* Don't forget a flashlight to light your way to
the treats
* Carry glow-sticks so everyone can see you
* Pack a clear poncho in case it rains
* Take along a spare bag for extra treats


Shindig says:
"Make haunted handfuls of party snacks."

* Reese's Pieces + M&M's + Party Dish
= mmm, mmm!
* Goldfish Crackers + Raisins = a ghoulish shade of fun
* Plain Planter's Peanuts + Candy Corn = yumsters!


Shutters says:
"Capture every shuttering Halloween moment."

* Buy a disposable camera
* Carry extra batteries
* Get a fresh digital memory card
* Upload your photos at

* Print your favorites right here for just 19˘


Threads says:
"Make your own costume accessories."

Cut a sword shape out of cardboard, cover it in aluminum foil.
Scary Scars:
Get a black eyeliner pencil, draw scars on your face.
Now you're dressed to impress!


Treats says:
"Create ghost pops as sweet as me."

Facial Tissue + Tootsie Pops +
Orange Ribbon = Ghost Pops

Scary good fun!