Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic shoes now available at select Walgreens.
Diabetic Foot Ulcer Questionnaire.

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Questionnaire

Find out if you're at risk for
diabetic foot ulcers. A simple
yes or no could make a difference.

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Get a Diabetic Foot Assessment.

Get a Diabetic Foot Assessment

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The Importance of Diabetic Shoes

People with diabetes are at greater risk for foot complications. One reason is the loss of feeling due to nerve damage associated with diabetes. This makes it more likely to develop a non-healing ulcer. By the time you can actually "see" the wound, it is often too late, resulting in amputation. Diabetic shoes can help prevent serious foot complications along with proper foot monitoring and care.

Am I at Risk?

Up to 25% of all people with diabetes will suffer from some kind of foot problem during their lifetime, leading to an ulceration and possible amputation. Besides nerve damage, poor circulation, dry skin, change in foot or toe shape, trouble fighting infections can also make the smallest of foot problems a big issue for people with diabetes. Take the survey to see if you're at risk.

Where Do I Get Diabetic Shoes?

Visit one of our select Walgreens and ask our Therapeutic Shoe Fitters about diabetic shoes. These shoes, which may be covered by Medicare's Therapeutic Shoe Program, can help reduce your potential for foot-related complications.

Are Diabetic Shoes Covered by Medicare?

For those who qualify, Medicare will pay 80% of the allowed amount for one pair of diabetic (therapeutic) shoes and up to three pairs of inserts per year. Most secondary insurers will help with the remaining 20%.


Diabetes: your feet & your shoes

Questions? Walgreens has answers. Learn more about diabetic foot care and why diabetic shoes are important.

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