Resolutions for Real Life

2014 begins a new you, and we're here to help.
Feel complete.
"I will take my vitamins every morning."
Add a multi-vitamin to your daily routine to supplement common nutritional gaps such as calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12 for a more energized you. Individualized supplements can support unique needs like pregnancy, vegan diets, and food intolerances. What are the essential vitamins and supplements?
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Take the plunge.
"I will wear my swimsuit—with no cover-up—
this summer."
Losing weight can happen with effort and patience. While daily
movement and a balanced diet can result in long-term success,
diet aids can help you get through the thick of it.
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Become full-filled.
"I will build more muscle mass."
Gaining muscle mass starts with regular weight training—
and ends with proper nutrition of carbs and protein.
Complete your workout with whey protein supplements,
and see your fullest potential.
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Get on the right track.
"I will get moving for 30 minutes each day."
Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day provides incredible health benefits to your heart, weight, blood pressure, and energy levels. Activity trackers help you meet your exercise goals by calculating steps walked and climbed as well as calories burned.
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Now earn points for your healthy behavior!
Spin your wheels.
"I will make no excuses for not exercising."
With gym equipment now in your home, you have few reasons to
skip your workout. Along with being open all hours, you can
enjoy privacy, cost-effectiveness, no travel hassles, and your choice
of TV or music stations.
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Be hard core.
"I will become a person who practices yoga and Pilates."
Adding yoga and Pilates to your lifestyle creates a mind-body
connection with countless benefits. Both practices reduce
stress and increase mindfulness, while improving flexibility, balance,
strength, posture, and even circulation.
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Breathe easy.
"Now is my time. I will quit smoking—for good."
Just 24 hours after you stop smoking, your risk of
heart attack drops. In 48 hours, your nerve endings regress
so you can smell and taste better. After three days,
nicotine is no longer in your body.
Now it's just a matter of controlling your triggers,
and nicotine replacement therapy products can help you
forget those smoke signals.
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Introducing a new and personalized
way to quit smoking.

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