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Vitamin Angels

By 2017, Walgreens and Vitamin Angels aim to reach 100 million children and mothers in the U.S. and around the world. Specifically, children under five, pregnant women and new mothers gain access to life changing vitamins and minerals.

46 Million

Vitamin Angels in Action

Discover how your purchases can make a difference.

Your Vitamins Help Others

The vitamins your family buys can aid children in need.

Give a Good Start

Every child deserves a chance to grow up healthy.

Meet the millions

Stories from families in America and around the world.

Elizabeth, age 3, California

Helping Children in the US

Elizabeth was all smiles when Vitamin Angels met her and her mother, Karina, during a multivitamin distribution in San Diego. Karina is convinced that her commitment to ensuring her children understand the importance of good nutrition—along with the multivitamins they've been taking for a year now—is making a huge difference.

Manuel, age 3, Malawi

Reaching Children Abroad

Flonce's family relies on the harvest from their modest farm and fish that Flonce's husband brings home rather than selling at the market. In many developing countries without fortified foods, delivery of high-dose supplements remains the principal strategy for controlling vitamin A deficiency. Inadequate vitamin A increases the risk of illness, even death, from common childhood infections like diarrhea or measles.2 At a vitamin A distribution in Malawi, Flonce told the Vitamin Angels team that her son Manuel has been very healthy and energetic since he began receiving vitamin A.

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