Walgreens Next Generation Distribution Centers

It's Simply Good Business

It's Simply Good Business

In 2007, Walgreens opened its 14th distribution center in Anderson, S.C. The DC, built to support the company's expansion throughout the Southeast, was the first facility of its kind to employ a significant number of people with disabilities. More than 40 percent of the facility's workforce has a physical or cognitive disability such as autism or mental retardation. The total investment for this DC is more than $175 million.

Walgreens newest DC opened in Windsor, Conn. in 2009 with the same design and workforce inclusion elements in mind. Similar to Anderson, employees with disabilities have been trained to work side-by-side with other team members - with the same productivity goals, earning the same pay. Here, an on-site training facility helps those with special needs become prepared for employment so everyone can work productively and effectively.

"We've worked technology and creativity into every inch of this place, but it's the people here who will amaze you," said Walgreens senior vice president of supply chain and logistics Randy Lewis.

It's the company's goal to fill 10 percent of its distribution center production jobs with people with disabilities. Walgreens is more than halfway there.