Reflecting Diversity in Our Mission

Diversity Fuels Future Growth

Walgreens President and CEO Greg Wasson

"Valuing diversity is simply the right thing to do. If we, as a company, are intent on being a community-focused retailer which serves diverse customers all over America, we must reflect that diversity. Our plan for growth creates opportunities for this in recruitment, postings and promotions. But even after a position is filled, it is important to keep the focus on diversity at the forefront. We make better decisions when we leverage different experiences and mindsets.

To me, this isn't a choice, but a moral and business imperative. And people are paying attention - not just our applicants and employees, but our customers and clients, too. Diversity needs to be on our minds every time we interact with anyone - whether it's with a client, patient, customer, business partner, competitor, regulator, or anyone else. Diversity adds value."