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Eye Drops

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Eye Drops

Keep your eyes moistened with eye drops. Glaucoma eye drops help lubricate while controlling the internal pressure inside your eye, which prevents damage to the eye. Lubricating eye drops help moisturize the eye while providing relief from dryness and irritation. There are many different kinds of eye drops for a range of conditions, including drops specially formulated for allergies and contact wearers.

Lubricating your dry eyes and contacts

Contact lens drops lubricate your eye and hydrate your contact lens. Eye doctors normally recommend frequent use of these drops to moisturize the eye and clear out debris from the contact lens. Visine, Baush & Lomb, Opti Free and Refresh are a few brands that create lens eye drops and rewetting drops for the very best in eye care. If you wear contact lenses, use only solutions made specifically for contacts since just any type of drops do not adequately moisten your eyes.