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Eye Drops for Contact Lenses

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More information about Eye Drops for Contact Lenses

There are a variety of eye drops available over the counter to help relieve different symptoms, such as redness, dry eyes and itching. If you wear contacts, there are special eye drops available to help rewet the eye and lubricate the contact for more comfortable use. Most people can use lubricating eye drops with contacts. However, check the label first to make sure the drops are suitable for your specific type of contacts. Walgreens offers many choices of eye drops for contact lenses, including different kinds of rewetting solutions and lubricating drops. There are products available in stores and online.

Regular eye drops vs. eye drops for contact lenses

Regular eye drops may be used for different reasons. Some eye drops are formulated to help with redness and irritation, while others can help add moisture to dry eyes. Depending on an individual’s specific needs, some healthcare providers may prescribe stronger eye drops for issues such as severe inflammation, allergies or glaucoma. Over-the-counter products for contact lenses include rewetting solution, which can add moisture to the eyes and contact lenses to reduce discomfort. There are also lubricating drops made especially for people who wear contacts in order to manage dry eyes. These products may differ from regular eye drops, so it’s important to read labels carefully if you wear contacts to be sure you choose the right product. Your healthcare provider, eye specialist or a Walgreens pharmacist can help you with your decision.

How do lubricating eye drops differ from regular eye drops?

Lubricating eye drops are a specific variety of eye drops made to relieve dry eye symptoms from temporary conditions, such as dry climates or fatigue. Sometimes called artificial tears, these drops provide moisture to the eye and help protect the eye surface. Preservatives are often added to lubricating eye drops to help keep bacteria out after the package has been opened. There are also preservative-free formulations, which may be a better choice for people who wear contact lenses. However, you should read the label and all directions carefully before using eye drops. Regular eye drops are different because they may be formulated to treat other eye issues, such as redness or itchiness. If you experience itchiness, swelling, breathing problems or other symptoms after using any kind of eye drops, consult with your healthcare provider right away.

How do you rehydrate contacts?

Contact lenses should be placed in the appropriate kind of contact solution to keep them clean and hydrated anytime they’re not in your eyes. If you remove a contact and it dries out, reuse is not recommended. If you’re wearing contacts and they start to feel dry or uncomfortable, there are products such as rewetting solution available to help add moisture to the eye and rehydrate the contact lens. These products are available for purchase in stores or online at Walgreens, so visit a store or check out the product selection online to find a rewetting solution for your contact lenses.

Can I use regular eye drops with my contact lenses?

It’s generally not advised to use regular eye drops with contact lenses, as they can sometimes cause issues. However, there are rewetting solutions and lubricating eye drops that are usually safe for use with contacts. There are also products made specially for people who wear contacts. These products are formulated to keep both the eyes and contacts safe while managing symptoms, such as dry or irritated eyes. Some eye drops can only be used for soft or hard contacts, so make sure that you choose the appropriate eye drops for the type of contacts you wear. A Walgreens pharmacist can help you find eye drops that are safe to use with your contact lenses. Walgreens has pharmacists ready to help you find the right product for you, and a pharmacy expert is available 24/7 to answer questions with Walgreens Pharmacy Chat.