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Sell Your Pharmacy

Interested in discussing or evaluating a potential exit plan?

It might seem like a daunting activity – to sell the business you’ve put time, money and effort into growing. Not to mention, reimbursement pressures that continue to oppose the industry, making it more difficult than ever to determine the next step. Walgreens Pharmacy Acquisitions team is here to help you with that.

Efficiency: Our acquisition process is designed to get an offer into your hands faster than anyone else. It’s a capability in which we take incredible pride and is something that differentiates us from other prospective buyers. At every step of the transition process, we will provide clear direction on what’s ahead, assist you in communicating with your customers and vendors, and leverage our rock-star acquisition team to make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Where to Start?

  • You aren’t sure if now is the time to explore selling your pharmacies
  • You’ve decided to sell, but you’re not sure where to start. To whom do you reach out? What information would you need?
  • How will Walgreens properly transition the care for your patients?

Access our online questionnaire at the link here

For a print copy, download the standard questionnaire here

Contact Our Team

Experience: Our team of friendly, experienced and highly-skilled M&A professionals employ the most efficient, value-creating, and user-friendly process in the industry, which enables us to provide an indication of interest very promptly. We understand this is an important decision and want you to be fully informed regarding all possible options, including the potential sale of your pharmacy business, in order to make the best decision for your organization and your patients. Since 2010, no chain has purchased more pharmacies than Walgreens!*

*Source: Fein, A. 2021. The 2021 Economic Report on U.S. Pharmacies and Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

If you’re interested in discussing your options, here’s how to get ahold of our trained pharmacy M&A professionals...

Sean Bauer – Walgreens Pharmacy Acquisitions Lead
Phone: (847) 315-4396
Fax: (847) 368-6697

Please be sure to include the following information in your correspondence:

  • 1. Pharmacy name and address
  • 2. Owner's name(s)
  • 3. Preferred contact info
  • 4. Pharmacy type (i.e. Retail, Health System, Specialty, Etc.)

*Note: All information obtained during the consideration process remains confidential. A Non-Disclosure Agreement is available upon request.

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Boards of Pharmacy Resources

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For more information on the DEA regulation of pharmacies, including registration, pharmacist manuals, and state DEA offices, please visit the following websites:
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Pharmacist Manual

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State DEA Offices

"I felt that Walgreens had a very patient centered focus. From the very beginning, the discussions were framed around ensuring customer care and continuity throughout the transition. That was the most important factor for both parties and it remained intact throughout the entire process. I really appreciated that focus and vision as that is what I had built my business on."

Former Pharmacy Owner
Carson City, NV

"The whole transaction was well organized and smooth. Walgreens informed the customers and so did I, they did end up in a better spot, with many more services than I could have ever imagined offering. We were very nervous about the process, but our M&A agent made it so smooth, that it was unimaginably easy. It was a business I had managed for about 10 years, but it was seamlessly integrated with the Walgreens system. The process involved a very honest representative of the company who really did not give any false hope, most things could either be done or not. There was no pressure whatsoever to agree to anything, which made it an honest transaction."

Pharmacy Seller
Hamlin, WV

"Selling a business can be difficult; selling a pharmacy even more so due to the regulations specific to our industry. Walgreens made the process go very smoothly. The transaction was completed in about 3 months and during this time, any questions were answered by their very knowledgeable acquisition department in a timely manner. Walgreens provided me with a checklist as well as an approximate timeline, which was very helpful. The required information gathering was achieved after my business hours, allowing me to conduct business as usual. The continuity of patient care was important to me and I was pleased with how well it was carried out."

Pharmacy Seller
St. Johnsbury, VT

"The buyout process went extremely well for my purchase. I was especially pleased with the ease of transfer of the prescription information over to the Walgreens system from my computer system. The buyout team was sensitive to the emotion involved in the decision to sell and worked hard to make it as easy as possible to transition over to their store. I was very pleased with the letter that was sent out to my patients explaining the change and the new possibilities available to them, this eased the minds of many of my long term patients. The process went off without a hitch which was a relief as I was not sure what to expect at the start."

Pharmacy Seller
Cincinnati, OH

"My main concern when I sold my pharmacy files to Walgreens was that my customers received great service with a smooth, transparent transition. Patients have anxieties when things change so being able to tell them that the service they will get from Walgreens will be very similar to what they have received over the past years from our pharmacy was good. Walgreens assurance of these important issues was critical in my decision to work with the company on the sale. My contact did a great job answering my questions and promised assurances to me that gave me peace of mind. The final phase of the transaction went smoother than I expected. "

Bob S.
Pharmacy Seller
Grand Marais, MN