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Medications CUSTOMIZED for YOU
We understand the "one-size-fits-all" approach doesn't always work. At Walgreens, you can have specific medications created based on your doctor's prescription to match your needs. Some services we provide include:
  • Combining several medications into one capsule
  • Developing allergy-free formulations
  • Compounding medication that's easier to swallow or apply to the skin
We offer basic medication compounding at all neighborhood Walgreens pharmacies. We also offer more complex compounding services at some of our pharmacies. Contact your local Walgreens to see if it has the compounding services you require.
  • About Medication Compounding
    Medication compounding is the pharmacy practice of combining pure chemicals to create one-of-a-kind medications specific to doctor-prescribed dosages and formulations. Staff members at our compounding pharmacies have extensive training to mix, prepare and package customized medications.
    Pharmacists may compound prescription medications to:
    • Create patient-specific dosages to accommodate an in-between dose or to match a particular patient's weight and size
    • Combine some multiple medications into a single dose
    • Prescription delivery upon request, in select areas.
    • Change the dosage form to one that's easier to take. For example, we can create a liquid suspension for a child who has trouble swallowing capsules or tablets
    • Develop allergy-free formulations, change or remove inactive ingredients such as preservatives, dyes or lactose
  • Compounded Dosage Forms
    Each compounded prescription comes with instructions that will help you properly take your medication. Dosage forms can be compounded for pain management, hormone replacement therapy, pets and more.
    Common dosage forms include:
    • Capsules
    • Creams, gels, lotions and ointments
    • Liquid formulations such as suspensions and solutions
    • Lollipops
    • Lozenges
    • Mouthwashes
    • Suppositories
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
    We provide compounding services for women taking hormone replacement therapy to treat the symptoms of menopause and other conditions.
    The therapy involves compounding various hormones - such as estrogen, progesterone and androgen - into a convenient dosage form for the patient.
    These forms of medication are candidates for compounding, including:
    • Capsules (regular and slow-release)
    • Creams
    • Liquids absorbed under the tongue
    • Lozenges
    • Vaginal creams and suppositories
    • Pet Medication Compounding
      Unsavory tastes and unpleasant textures can hinder pets from taking their medications. We offer several customizable flavors that will surely appeal to your pet's taste buds.1
      • Popular Flavors:
        • Red Angus Beef
        • Grilled Tuna
        • Chicken Pot Pie (Contains salt)
        • Crispy Bacon
        • Crispy Bacon
      • Other Flavors:
        • Salmon Steak
        • Fish Chowder
        • Mom's Banana Bread
        • Gooey Molasses
        • Strawberry Shortcake
        • Radical Raspberry
        • Bubblegum
        • Mandarin Orange
        • Tangy Apple
        • Watermelon Passion
        • Groovy Grape
        • Cherry Blast
      Fill human-analogous pet prescriptions at more than 8,000 Walgreens locations nationwide.2

      1 All veterinary flavors listed are sugar-free and salt-free, unless otherwise noted. Our main vet vehicle, the vet syrup, does contain sugar but the versa free diabetic vehicle is sugar free.

      2 We offer only pet medications that can also be prescribed to humans, for example but not limited to Amoxicillin (antibiotic), Humulin© (insulin), Hydrocortisone (skin conditions) and Omeprazole (stomach conditions).

    • Compounding FAQ

      Q: Why would your doctor prescribe a compounded medication?

      A: Based on your specific health needs, your doctor determined creating a customized medication for you or loved one is the best treatment plan available. Some reasons may include:
      • The medication prescribed is no longer commercially available
      • You may be able to take a single dose of certain combined medications
      • One dosage form may be easier to take (e.g. converting a tablet to a liquid)
      • Changing inactive ingredients could help you avoid allergy issues
      • Creating pediatric dosages and formulations that may not be readily available

      Q: What type of medication formulas can be compounded?

      A: All Walgreens locations can fill prescriptions that are considered "simple compounds" such as those requiring the addition of flavorings, or a combination of two or more liquid dosage forms. For example, we can compound medication that's easier to swallow, or easily applied to the skin or combined with a medicated mouthwash. Some of the more complex dosage forms include:
      • Regular and slow-release capsules
      • Creams, gels, lotions and ointments
      • Lollipops/lozenges
      • Suppositories
      • Suspensions

      Q: Why compound my medication at Walgreens?

      A: Each of our compounding pharmacy locations feature dedicated staff with extensive training in order to mix, prepare and package customized compounded medications. Guidance is provided, along with instructions that will help you properly take your medication. All of our compounding recipes are fully researched, standardized, referenced and stored in our central database. This means all Walgreens compounding locations have access to the same recipes, ensuring accurate and consistent medication compounding.